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Distributor of how many AMC ?

by Meet Sugat Feb 23, 2017
Is there any limit for being distributor of AMC ? I mean how many AMC I can be distributor ? How many I should be ? How to choose AMC good for me ?
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Nikhil Lotankar · 1 year ago

You can enrol to any number of AMC's. There is no upper limit for registering. You can enrol to all the AMC's which are selling mutual funds.

Regarding choosing the AMC it is purely your call to whom to enrol. You can start with enrolling yourself with top 10 AMC's in the country and then slow and steadily increase the count.

Also if you are not going to sell mutual fund products of a particular AMC, then is no use of enrolling.

Happy selling.
hinglajdan · 1 year ago
Team Cafe,
I am new ARN holder and going to enroll with AMC.Can you suggest any firm those help me to complete amc enrolment of 10 top amc.One by one application and track them is very exhaustive.

let me know if your team can help.