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by Devansh Oct 27, 2017
Hello All,
I am 25 year old and I started investing in Mutual funds recently.
My portfolio currently includes :

1.ICICI Prudential Top 100 - Direct (G)-RS. 1000 (MONTHLY SIP)
2.Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip -Direct(G)--RS. 2000 (MONTHLY SIP)
3.L&T emerging Business - Direct(G) --RS. 2000 (MONTHLY SIP)
4.kotak select focused -Direct(G)--RS. 3000 (MONTHLY SIP)
5.Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 -Direct(G) -RS. 1000 (MONTHLY SIP)
6.Principal Emerging Bluechip -Direct(G) -RS. 1000 (MONTHLY SIP)

I am planning for long term investment 7-10 years.
Would you please rate my investment and suggest me necessary step.
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ANANAD KALA · 3 months ago
first step - search an good advisor to manage your investment because its over diversification portfolio & need to consolidation
Jaydip Patel · 3 months ago
Please do not make more various schemes of SIP. Make your Financial Goal, Plan and Invest for minimum 10-15 yrs. Do not select SIP on the base of return.
sagar shinde · 2 months ago
At the very outset, your fund selection is pretty decent.
However, theree are a few suggestions which can add value-
1. Over-diversification is as wasteful as under-diversification is risky. You have spread your money across too many funds with similar philosophies.

Recommended portfolio for a 10-year horizon-
1. Motilal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 - INR 4,000
2. Kotak Select Focus - INR 3,000
3. L&T Emerging Business - INR 3,000

2. The marginal benefits you may derive by choosing a direct plan over a regular one, may or may not be the best choice depending on how savvy you are. If you are particularly non-savvy you may want a financial advisor by your side.

Reasons to have a financial adviser -
1. It is his entire day job to ensure that you make money. That's literally his job!

2. He may be more into the capital markets system and may understand it much better than you (if you are a non-finance guy)

Reasons to try a robo-advisory (For eg: Fisdom)

1. Better research methodology & infrastructure for better advisory (Obviously, they are an organization and have massive budget allocations for advanced research)

2. Track all your investments in one place - right on the app. You can aslso reinvest and redeem at a few clicks.

3. Investing for long term does not mean investing and forgetting; it is about investing and tracking. You never know if you are holding a Wipro or Kingfisher Airline. Robo-advisors, at least fisdom, typically has an automated rebalancing system which notifies you if your portfolio needs to be rebalanced (if any of your fund is expected to perform badly)

4. Ancilliary support like capital gains computation, statements, general queries etc are addressed.
Ganesh Jadhav · 1 day ago
ICICI Pru top 100 fund is a large cap fund and your investment horizon is long term so you can go for all small & mid cap funds only to get maximum returns.