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Debt Funds-Income Funds and Dynamic Bond Funds

by Anuj Gupta Dec 11, 2016
Dear Advisors

This forum can help us understand the facts about Debt Funds

Post demonetisation, investors are looking to park their surplus amount in equivalent or better return opportunities than Bank Fds.

Is Debt Funds a better option. Also which category of debt funds to suggest at this moment of time is the question.

Post the rbi no rate cut decision recently last week in dec 2016, income funds and dynamic funds have given negative returns in last 10 days, what is the reason for the negative returns, kindly explain and is the investors money really safe in such scenarios who shift their hard earned money from bank fds to debt mutual funds like income fund or dynamic bond fund

Would appreciate your comments on the same.

Cafemutual welcomes your comments. Any disagreements or criticisms must be expressed in a dignified manner. Thank you.
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