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Digitising MFs

by Devendra Mhatre Jan 30, 2017
1) Liquid Funds as alternative to e-wallets:
After demonetisation, there has been a huge surge in making payment to vendors through e-wallets like PayTM, SBI Buddy, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. To make the payments to vendors, the e-wallet on registered mobile no. is first funded from Bank Account. Liquid Funds can be a good alternative to e-wallets for making payment to vendors by redeeming units. Currently, when the redemption from Liquid Fund is done, payment is made to the investors Bank account, it cannot be paid to third party. MF industry will have to overcome this hurdle. There is one possible solution, Investor’s mobile no. is registered with MF, it is possible to register the third party (vendor/receiver of Funds) with MF through mobile app from investors registered mobile no. The redemption amount can then be paid to the registered third party (vendors/receiver) only. MF Industry can also tap such vendors for transferring the money to Liquid Fund in Vendor’s name. MFs can decide on upper limit for such third-party payments to protect investors from frauds. Investor can also earn higher return on his idle Funds and help MF industry to penetrate and popularise MF Products.

2) Liquid Fund account for payment of monthly Salary:
Currently, Large and small organisations are paying monthly salary to employees Bank Account by ECS, The primary account thus is Bank account for all transactions, after making all monthly payments, the investor may transfer some amount to Liquid Fund or it remains idle in savings account. Why can’t the Liquid Fund account be primary account. The monthly salary could be first transferred to employees Liquid Fund account and he will transfer the moneys to his Bank Account as and when he wish to make payments through cheques or otherwise. Employees should be given a choice to get their salary either in Bank account or Liquid Fund. AMCs should start with their own employees to set a good example for retail investors.
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