AMC News L&T MF ties up with Mumbai dabbawalas to spread awareness on ELSS

L&T MF ties up with Mumbai dabbawalas to spread awareness on ELSS

Now lunch boxes in Mumbai will have a message ‘Has tax made you lose your appetite?’
Team Cafemutual Mar 3, 2017

Food is synonymous with happiness in India. The one thing that is common for every office goer is their "Dabba". Some get it from home while some rely on the local dabbawalas. The dabbawalas have become an integral part of the lives of many Mumbaikars. They are known worldwide for their punctuality and efficiency.

In order to create awareness about the benefits of the ELSS, L&T Mutual Fund came up with an innovative social activity in association with the Mumbai dabbawalas.

Explaining the rationale of this initiative  the L&T MF press release says “An empty stomach leads to a livid mood. Similarly, long lock-in periods and no tax benefits could lead to the dilution of the worth of investments. Drawing a parallel between these two analogies, L&T Mutual Fund tied up with the dabbawals to conduct an interesting activity with the dabbas of the employees who eagerly wait to enjoy their hot and delicious meal. A tag, with the message ‘Has tax made you lose your appetite?’ was tied around the dabba to create a buzz among the office goers. The reverse side of the tag explains the benefits of investing in an ELSS scheme- tax saving and building wealth in the long term.”

L&T Mutual Fund has an AUM of Rs.35191 as on December 2016.

Arvind · 4 months ago
Marvelous idea to create awareness in economic capital mumbai
Trupti Muralidhar · 4 months ago
One of the AMCs which we have always seen taking creative initiatives into actually deepening the MF AUM basket. We will support such initiatives in creating awareness among that class which has never entered MF investments and grow the AUM broadly. Kudos to L&T MF's team for such a wonderful initiative.
pRAKASH YADAV · 4 months ago
Wonderful initiative and idea..
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