Book Reviews

Investment mantras derived from dohas
Mumbai-based financial adviser Vinayak Sapre takes investment cues from ancient dohas.
by Rosevina Gonsalves Mar 20, 2017
‘Overcome common mistakes that we make’
Suresh Sadagopan and Shifali Satsangee talk about the books which have helped them in their advisory practices.
by Priyaa Venkataraman Mar 8, 2017
Small decisions in life determine the ultimate destinations
Mumbai based Anup Bhaiya is a staunch believer of Karma while Gujarat based Chirag Porecha believes small decisions in life determine your ultimate destination.
by Darshita shah Jan 20, 2017
‘Advisors should follow the 80/20rule; listen 80% and talk 20%’
Ramesh Bhat says that successful advisors should listen more and Yogita Dand found out that around 10,000 hours of work is needed to become an expert in any field.
by Darshita Shah Jan 4, 2017
‘Biographies reveal the untold stories’
Pune based advisor Abhay Dandekar says biographies motivate and inspire him while Mumbai based advisor Deepali Sen believes philosophical books makes her understand life better.
by Darshita Shah Dec 25, 2016
‘This book helped me embrace change both personally and professionally’
D. Muthukrishnan shares how reading Warren Buffet’s letters made him a better investor and Pankaj Mathpal talks about the book which motivated him to embrace change in his life.
by Darshita Shah Dec 16, 2016
‘This book has taught me how to be a successful investor’
Kavitha Menon and A K Narayan talk about the books which helped them in their practice.
by Darshita Shah Nov 21, 2016
‘Reading this book helped me achieve tranquility’
Deepak Khemani and Kevin Michael talk about the books which helped them in their profession and what they have learned from it.
by Darshita Shah Nov 5, 2016
‘This book taught me that cost matters in mutual funds’
Vishal Dhawan and Nisreen Mamaji talk about the book which helped them in their practice and what they learned from it.
by Darshita Shah Nov 3, 2016
‘This book taught me that money should work for us and not vice-versa’
Vatsal Shah and Prakash Praharaj talk about the book which helped them in their practice and what they learned from it.
by Darshita Shah Oct 28, 2016
Liar’s Poker: Two Cities, True Greed
Liar’s Poker describes a dog-eat-dog world of investment banking - to survive and thrive you need to be the best or get out!
by Poonam Bansal Mar 23, 2016
Common Sense Investing by John Bogle – book review
Bogle shares his own time-tested philosophies and personal anecdotes to explain why it is difficult to outperform markets and how index funds can deliver the greatest returns.
by Ravi Samalad Mar 11, 2016
Investment Psychology Explained: Book Review
This book is an amalgamation of knowledge on the psychological aspects of market traders and investors.
by Banali Banerjee Nov 21, 2015
Building your multi-million dollar practice: Book Review
Established financial advisors will find this book very useful as the book is filled with anecdotes and practical tips.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 19, 2015
Book Review: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing covers a wide range of topics, including insurance, behavioral economics, modern portfolio theory, and tips on saving money.
by Murad J. Antia, CFA Jun 3, 2015