Book Reviews ‘This book taught me that money should work for us and not vice-versa’

‘This book taught me that money should work for us and not vice-versa’

Vatsal Shah and Prakash Praharaj talk about the book which helped them in their practice and what they learned from it.
Darshita Shah Oct 28, 2016

Vatsal Shah, Sushil Finance

I read a book “What the customer wants you to know ‘authored by Ram Charan. I read this book during my initial days in this profession.

This book proved to be an eye opener for me as I learned how to get started in a business. One of the key learnings from this book is that advisers should not start a conversation with investors with their products. Start with what the customer wants and solve their problems. Thus, we should focus on becoming our investors’ trusted adviser by offering solutions that are based on our deep knowledge.

I learned that I need to give clients service beyond their expectations. Don’t measure your own success (AUA, number of clients, etc.) first. Instead, find out whether clients have benefited with our advice which can be a true measure of our success.

Prakash Praharaj, Max Secure Financial Planners

In my initial days as an entrepreneur, I read a book authored by Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’s cash flow quadrant’.  The book answers why some people keep switching  jobs while some others quit their jobs to build a business empire .It is a must read for those who dream to become an entrepreneur. I learned that money should work for us rather than us working for money.

Another book which I read recently is ‘Loaded: Money, Psychology, and How to Get Ahead without Leaving Your Values Behind’ authored by Sarah Newcomb. This is the best book for personal finance professionals that help to understand the complex emotions and conflicting priorities that money often brings to our lives.

After reading this book, I learned how to create financial plans that suit one’s personality by analyzing and prioritizing needs. This book helps you identify and change core beliefs about money that hold you back. I enjoyed this book and recommend to those are intrigued by money.


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