Book Reviews ‘This book has taught me how to be a successful investor’

‘This book has taught me how to be a successful investor’

Kavitha Menon and A K Narayan talk about the books which helped them in their practice.
Darshita Shah Nov 21, 2016

Kavitha Menon

When I was working as a wealth manager under the leadership of late Parag Parikh, I learned what is required to be a successful adviser. One such quality was reading books. On his recommendation, I read a book ‘The Intelligent Investor’ authored by Benjamin Graham. The book talks about the value investing approach and suggests ways to develop long term strategies to become a successful investor. This is a must read for all investment professionals.

Another book I would recommend is Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable’ authored by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The book is based on the statistics and probability theory about the unexpected events that occur in our life.

Here are some key reasons on why you should read this book

  • It will help you identify the unlikely risk.
  • It shows how we can improve our thinking and better understand the unpredicted events.
  • It tells us how to focus on things we often neglect.
  • And lastly it improves our ability to manage risks.

In fact, this book is said to have helped decision makers in tackling the 2008-09 economic crisis.

AK Narayan

I read a book ‘One up on Wall Street - How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market’ authored by Peter Lynch. This book is written in a way that even a lay reader can understand it easily.

This book gives insights on how to make successful equity investments. This book covers interesting case studies based on different market cycles. This book taught us to make rational investment decisions when it comes to equities. One such wisdom is to avoid fads. If a stock price of a company rises sharply, it doesn’t imply that the company is doing exceptionally well. One should keep in mind the fundamentals of the company before putting in your hard earned money.



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