Book Reviews Investment mantras derived from dohas

Investment mantras derived from dohas

Mumbai-based financial adviser Vinayak Sapre takes investment cues from ancient dohas.
Rosevina Gonsalves Mar 20, 2017

‘Mund mundaye hari mile, Har koi leyi mundaye
Bar ke mundte, Bhhed bekunth naa jaaye’

Interpreting the doha, Vinayak Sapre, author of newly launched book called ‘Dohanomics’ said, “More often, our actions are driven by peer pressure and the need to follow the herd. Generally, we forget that we are unique individuals with different goals. We tend to make investment decisions on the basis of another person’s research and goals which may be different from ours and hence suffer loss.”

The book contains many such pearls of wisdom and solid principles to help readers understand investment mantras using brilliant works from these great saints.

‘Dohanomics’ is a collection of 40 verses from Sant Kabir and Rahim, interpreted by the author, who has distilled their ancient wisdom and applied it to the behavioural aspects of investing. The author has thoughtfully selected 40 classic dohas and linked them with contemporary examples from the financial world.

Vinayak launched his book at ‘Evoke 2017’, an event for investors on March 17. The author runs a financial advisory and IFA training firm called Insights.

Speaking about the book Vinayak says, “Investors are often in search of the right investment advice. Studying the writings of both Kabir and Rahim, I have used their timeless principles and linked them to the financial world. Though they have been penned down centuries ago, their writings are still relevant today.”

Bhoopendra Saran · 3 months ago
I am keen to know on book 'DHOHANOMICS' by Mr. Vinayak Sapre. If it is on sale', then how to get it
Vinayak · 3 months ago
It's available on Amazon, flipkart, Infibeam and crossword
I am interested in purchasing the book . Kindly tell me the source of getting the book
Vinayak · 3 months ago
It's available on Amazon, flipkart, Infibeam and crossword.
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