Book Reviews Here is a collection of real life stories of clients

Here is a collection of real life stories of clients

Mumbai-based RIA Steven Fernandes, of Proficient Financial Planners, has authored a book titled ‘There is always a financial solution’.
Daya Ragunathan Jul 15, 2017

You may have clients with a pile of loans on his shoulders who still want to invest a large amount with you. What should you do? Do you recommend him to repay his high interest loans? Or advise him to start an SIP immediately?

To make it easier for you to answer such questions, Mumbai-based RIA Steven Fernandes, of Proficient Financial Planners, had authored a book titled, ‘There is always a financial solution’.

The book is a collection of 10 case studies. These case studies discuss real life issues of clients and give you insights into how you can help them solve these problems. “The book covers professionals of all age groups. It will help them draw similarities with these case studies,” says Steven.

Discussing his reason for choosing the title, ‘There’s always a financial solution’, Steven says he wants people to realise it is never too late to invest. “Often people wonder if they could start investing early. I want to convey that it is better to start now, instead of never,” he says.

The focus of the book is to make people identify their financial goals and help them achieve such goals.

“The first case study is that of a 30-year-old bachelor, followed by a young married couple, middle aged unmarried woman, single mother, late parents, couple nearing retirement and ends with the case study of an actively working senior citizen. Each case study provides details of income, expense, assets, liabilities and financial goals. Simply put, the case studies help you determine where your client stands and how you would help them achieve his/her financial goals. I have given solutions to common financial problems they might face in their financial journey,” adds Steven. 

The book is available on Amazon at Rs298 for hardcover and Rs199 for kindle version.

Meet Sugat · 5 days ago
Can't find book on Amazon, link please
Steven Fernandes · 5 days ago
Hi ,
Pls find the link.
Amit Trivedi · 5 days ago
I found the book to be a very interesting read. It is a good reference book for budding financial planners. Whoever wants to get into the business of helping their client manage their personal finances better, please read this book by Steven. Written in very easy language, it is very well detailed book. The experience of years is visible in the book.
Steven Fernandes · 5 days ago
Thanks a lot Amit sir
Mohit · 4 days ago
Practical book giving real solutions , i would say financial planning explained in simple language through this book.
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