Business Development

Knowing your ideal client helps
Targeting niche clientele will help you align your services better, believe IFAs
by R Daya Apr 21, 2017
My role model is…
Find out who inspires these IFAs, and how their role models helped them to become who they are today
by R Daya Apr 21, 2017
Trends IFAs need to watch this FY
Read on to find out what some IFAs feel are going to be the determining factors of the MF Industry this financial year
by Daya R Apr 14, 2017
‘Millennials are reluctant investors’
How to inculcate investment habits among millennials? Read on to find out the challenges faced by advisers in getting millennial clients and retaining them.
by Padmaja Choudhury Apr 12, 2017
This is how I plan to grow in FY17-18
Read on to find out how these IFAs plan to grow their business in the new financial year.
by Daya R Apr 12, 2017
Your marketing plan for FY 2017-18
A marketing guide to help you connect with prospects and clients.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 7, 2017
Size of an IFA’s business is no issue for technology
Read on to find out how integrating technology can help increase productivity in every aspect of your business.
by Daya R Apr 6, 2017
How to exceed client expectations
A white paper published by Adviser Websites gives IFAS four crucial insights to succeed in the new competitive landscape.
by Team Cafemutual Mar 27, 2017
Three new age communication tools to engage with clients
Are you using the right communication channels? Find out what your peers are doing.
by Daya R Mar 24, 2017
Why IFAs too need independent financial advice
Find out why you need to appoint an advisor for your finances, even if you are an IFA.
by Daya R Mar 24, 2017
How I use WhatsApp as a marketing tool
Let us learn from advisers who are promoting their business through WhatsApp.
by Priyaa Venkataraman Mar 23, 2017
Think beyond referrals
Here is how you can increase your client base without depending only on referrals.
by Daya R Mar 22, 2017
Common mistakes advisors make with clients
Read on to understand the mistakes that financial advisors should avoid when dealing with clients.
by Priyaa Venkataraman Mar 20, 2017
Transition fears, from distributor to advisor
Here are the four major transition fears about changing from a commission-based model to a fee only model.
by Daya R Mar 17, 2017
Writing right emails
Always wanted to write emails like a pro? Read on to find out three tips to write an effective email to make a lasting impact.
by Team Cafemutual Mar 17, 2017