Business Development How these advisors plan to grow business in 2017

How these advisors plan to grow business in 2017

Shifali Satsangee says she will launch an app for her clients while Sadashiv Phene plans to tap the retail market by conducing investor awareness programs (IAPs) in B15 cities.
Darshita Shah Dec 29, 2016

 Shifali Satsangee, Funds Vedaa

  • So far, our focus has been on HNIs. In 2017, we plan to diversify our clientele by tapping the retail market. To reach out to this segment, we plan to conduct at least one investor awareness programs in universities and colleges in two months.
  • We are planning to launch an app for our clients. This app will facilitate transactions and will have a lot of tools like SIP calculator, future value of investments and other needs of the client.
  • I plan to attend as many workshops and knowledge based programs as possible. It is a good way to keep ourselves updated and network with people. We get many ideas and inspiration to grow business by attending such events.
  • On a personal note, I wish to complete 50 km trail walker organized by Oxfam which raises funds for social causes.



 Sadashiv Phene, IFA from Mumbai

  • Demonetization has presented a huge opportunity to advisors. So my goal for 2017 is to channelize 50% of my client’s idle cash money lying in bank accounts into liquid, hybrid fund and balanced funds. I plan to achieve this my communicating the benefits of mutual funds, especially how they can earn higher post-tax returns in MFs vis-à-vis keeping money in savings account or fixed deposits.  
  • The retail market is still untapped, especially the B15 market. So I plan to organize IAPs in smaller cities to tap this segment.  
  • Investors often make their investment decisions based on emotions like fear and greed. This impacts their returns severely. So I think educating clients will help them make informed decisions.
  • I believe in meeting clients personally. For deeper client engagement, I will interact with clients by meeting and spending time with them. This will help me deepen my bond and in turn help me get a higher wallet share. 
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