Business Development ‘My aim is to acquire 100 like-minded clients this year’

‘My aim is to acquire 100 like-minded clients this year’

Khyati Mashru says she plans to acquire 100 new clients this year while Kevin Michael will start advising on loans to his clients.
Darshita Shah Jan 6, 2017

Khyati Mashru, Plantrich Consultancy

  • I plan to acquire 100 like-minded clients in 2017. I wish to work with clients who understand the importance of financial planning and are willing to change their habits for their own betterment.
  • I plan to complete ‘Financial Life Planner’ course offered by Kinder Institute of Life Planning this year. After completing this course, I will be in a better position to understand my client’s most essential goals before formulating a financial plan.
  • We are going to transform ourselves as a ‘financial coach’ for our clients. Just as you have a personalized gym trainer and customized diet plan for your body, we will assist the client to implement their bespoke action plans.
  • We will increase our team strength to 15. Also, we will focus on training our employees so that they are best equipped to handle clients.  
  • To service our growing client base, we plan to have one more office in South Mumbai.

Kevin Michael, Money & More

  • We plan to expand our product bouquet. This year, we will offer our clients alternative investment funds so that they can invest in a wider range of products.
  • Demonetization has presented a huge opportunity for advisors. So my goal for 2017 is to actively channelize my client’s idle cash money lying in bank accounts into liquid and hybrid funds.
  • Besides investments, we are seeing an increasing demand from our clients for loans. So we plan to collaborate with companies offering loans to provide the best loans to our clients.
  • We will deepen our client engagement. To achieve this, our team members will be in constant touch with our clients, especially through one-on-one meetings. 
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