Business Development ‘Investing in technology can help increase client base’

‘Investing in technology can help increase client base’

We spoke to two leading financial advisers of Mumbai to understand how they are going about acquiring new clients apart from referrals.
Priyaa Venkataraman Feb 10, 2017

Melvin Joseph, Finvin Financial Planners


Be active on social media


Since the world is increasingly connected through social media, I believe social media is the key to grow business as it has three key advantages:

  • No geographical barriers
  • Large reach
  • Easy to communicate

Most of my clients are from different cities. Social media has helped me stay connected with these clients.

In fact, I have acquired a few clients through Facebook. Since I post blogs on topics related to personal finance like how to plan for foreign holidays, how to retire rich and so on, I got a lot of queries on mutual funds, retirement planning and tax planning.

I prefer writing short stories on investment, which is easier for the people to understand. In fact, many people who are not my clients, follow my Facebook page.

In addition, I am working on an e-book on investment ideas. I am writing this book in a very simple manner so that even a layman can understand the significance of mutual fund investments.

Kevin Michael, Money & More

Seminar marketing: You can reach out to large number of prospects having similar background through seminar marketing. Seminar marketing positions you as an expert. You get to create a good impression in the first meeting itself.

I approach corporates with the help of my existing client base. Usually, I send an email to corporates with a proposal to hold an awareness seminar. I do a little homework before reaching out to a certain group. It helps me connect with the target audience in a better way.

SMS/mass mailer: We promote our business through mass mailer and bulk SMS. To keep our message interesting, we focus on some questions that can generate interests among people such as 'Are you prepared for retirement?' and 'Have you saved enough for your child’s higher studies?'

Another activity that we do is to encourage SMEs and startups by investing in their ideas and projects. This has helped us increase our visibility among these businesses. In fact, we have got many clients from these small firms.

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