Business Development ‘Don’t complicate your investment strategy’

‘Don’t complicate your investment strategy’

Deepesh Mehta and Nitin Patel talk about the books that influenced them the most and helped them grow.
Team Cafemutual Feb 10, 2017

Deepesh Mehta, Grow Wealth, Bangalore

I read this all-time classic ‘The Intelligent Investor’ authored by Benjamin Graham. The book gives insights on how one can make rational investment decisions. The book also talks about the value investing approach and suggests ways to develop long-term strategies to become a successful investor.

Another book which I read recently was ‘Beating the street’ by Peter Lynch. The book dwells a lot on constructing the right portfolio. The author gives an interesting perspective on why investor should never get lured by returns; instead, focus on consistency in performance.

The two takeaways from this book that I would like to share

  • Sell a stock not because everyone is selling it but due to its deteriorated fundamentals.
  • No one can predict the interest rate movements and direction of the stock markets. Instead, concentrate on prevailing situation of the economy.  

Nitin Patel, Gujarat based IFA

I read a book ‘Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques’ by David Clark and Mary Buffett. As the name suggests, the book is about investment principles of Warren Buffett that explains his winning strategies. The book provides us with the model on how to pick stocks, which companies to avoid and where to invest.  After reading this book, I have learned how to build a suitable portfolio.

The other book that influenced me a great deal was ‘The Behavior Gap’ by Carl Richards. This is all about the common mistakes that advisers usually overlook. The book taught me two important lessons – do not complicate your investment strategies and keep it simple and money does buy happiness but only up to a certain point.


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