Business Development How to stay in constant touch to retain clients

How to stay in constant touch to retain clients

Here’s how leading advisers keep in touch with their clients to grow business.
Priyaa Venkataraman Feb 16, 2017

Clients, in some sense are like plants. One has to keep nurturing plants to see them grow. In a similar way, you have to ensure that your clients are happy and well serviced through multiple touch points.

In fact, a study carried out last year by Spectrum Group (a consulting & market research firm based in US) and Vanguard shows that there is a strong correlation between the frequency of client contact and the level of client satisfaction.

We spoke to some leading advisors to understand how they stay in touch with their clients to grow their business.

Hemant Rustagi of WiseInvest Advisors has a dedicated team who regularly meet with clients. Also, he tries to connect with most of them either by meeting them personally or through phone calls.

To make the task of staying in touch easier for the team, his firm has maintained database, which captures the details of clients. He also uses a software that tracks email communication from clients to serve them better.  

“Our advisors communicate regularly with clients. The talking point is to keep them updated on their portfolio. We also explain to them the rationale behind our fund recommendations and give them insights on the latest development that could affect their investments. We also make a case for our team members to have face-to-face meetings with their designated clients at least once a quarter. Lastly, we call and send gifts to our clients on special occasions like birthday and anniversary to deepen relationships,” said Rustagi.

Apart from this, Hemant sends a weekly newsletter to all his clients. In these newsletters, he gives his views on markets and economy. He believes that newsletters are an economic way to connect with clients.

Chennai-based D Muthukrishnan of Wise Wealth Advisers has found a unique way to enhance his engagement with clients. Muthu is a full time Twitterati and a blogger. While he shares quotes of investment gurus on Twitter, he writes about behavioral aspects on his blogs. In fact, a few of his blogs such as ‘Creating wealth by doing nothing’ and ‘Avoid noise’ went viral on internet. All his clients follow him on Twitter and blogposts.

“Getting active on blogs and social media is a great way to engage with your clients. You can encourage your clients and employees to “Like” your page – this will increase your visibility on social media.  You can also post information on events and share updates to create awareness and be relevant to your target audience,” said Muthukrishnan.

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