Business Development Three simple tips to promote ELSS

Three simple tips to promote ELSS

Read on to find how leading advisers market ELSS during tax season.
Priyaa Venkataraman Feb 22, 2017

Tax saving season is here.  Many investors have a tendency to delay tax-planning right until the last quarter of the financial year. As a financial advisor, this is the best time for you to attract new clients and help them take informed decision to save on taxes through mutual funds.

We spoke to a few leading advisers to understand how they are promoting tax savings funds like ELSS.

Seminar Marketing: Hemant Rustagi of Wiseinvest Advisors suggested that advisers should approach corporates or association through their existing clients to hold seminar on tax planning. He suggested that the agenda of such seminars should be interesting to attract audience such as ‘grow your wealth by savings taxes’.

It is advisable to do a homework on target audience to understand their needs and goals before holding a seminar. “This helps you connect with the audience in a better way.”

Hemant ensures to make his presentation interactive by involving his target audience to discuss various tax savings instruments. His presentation focuses on why ELSS has an edge over other tax savings instruments.

Social media: Now that when everyone is on social media, many IFAs use Facebook and Twitter to promote ELSS.

Vatsal Shah of Sushil Finance says that social media is a cost efficient way to market ELSS. “I post comparison charts and upload creative information related to tax saving options available in market. I have also shared a few informative videos related to ELSS on my Facebook page and Twitter handle. In fact, I have received some queries on ELSS due to my social media presence,” he says.

Bulk SMS/newsletter:  Shifali Satsangee of Funds Vedaa sends newsletter to her clients and prospects sharing information on various tax savings instruments. “. I think sending newsletters to prospects is the best way to tell clients that how we can help them save on taxes and grow wealth,” she said.

On content, she said that IFAs could write their own content or source it from news and knowledge websites. Make sure that the content is concise and to the point. The goal of the newsletter should be to help investors on various investment options available for tax planning, she adds.


divyesh Kothari · 1 year ago
please send me best Investments as on today in ELSS, Long term MF investments
DIPAK CHAUDHARI · 1 year ago
Invest in Birla sun life tax relief 96 for ELSS,
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