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Writing right emails

Always wanted to write emails like a pro? Read on to find out three tips to write an effective email to make a lasting impact.
Team Cafemutual Mar 17, 2017

There are almost 5.3 billion registered email accounts, and nearly 180 billion emails being sent worldwide each day. This means any email communication you send out has to compete with dozens of other emails that falls your client’s inbox.

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Eye grabbing subject line

When it comes to e-mails, people mostly try to ignore when they see any advertising emails in their inbox. Most readers make an instant decision based on the subject line of the email whether he/she should even click on the email to know anything further.

Let’s say you are sending an email newsletter with an interesting video on upcoming changes in the tax laws. When creating your subject line, try to think what would make you open an email.

Studies show that the use of a question in your subject line boosts the opening rate, so try framing your subject line as a question. For example- ‘Will new tax laws impact your salary this year?

Most of us normally put all our effort thinking on the content of the email but ignore the subject line. However, the subject line should be appealing enough to grab the attention of the reader. An attractive subject line not only grabs the recipient’s attention, but it also lets him/her know what to expect from the email.

A clear call to action

Along with the exciting subject line, the content of the email should be to the point.

You can give a gist of content in the first paragraph. Try to incorporate a call to action in your first paragraph and make sure it’s again at the end of the message.

Here is an example on the similar grounds as the headline about an upcoming change in the tax laws that may affect your clients. The first paragraph should give you the brief idea on the subject line to create an impact on the reader.

Recent changes in the tax laws may affect your tax payment this year. Your investments that are taxed as capital gains could be affected. Call for a free review to evaluate your investment tax status.

Include important information

A good email offers information that is timely and compelling. If your emails give interesting and valuable information, your clients and prospects will regularly open and share them. That email on tax law changes might go on to give some interesting facts about taxes, and finally restate the call to action.


Take the time to construct an appealing, dynamic subject line. Put your call to action near the front of the email and again at the end, and always include a piece or two of interesting information that will engage your readers and make them likely to open the next email you send. As you follow these three steps, you will learn how to write emails like a pro and see greater response rates as a result.

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