Business Development Your marketing plan for FY 2017-18

Your marketing plan for FY 2017-18

A marketing guide to help you connect with prospects and clients.
Team Cafemutual Apr 7, 2017

The FMG Suite white paper titled “6 Marketing Trends in 2017 That Will Impact Financial Advisors”, shows how advisors can leverage these trends to improve their business.

“The predicted marketing trends for 2017 will influence both consumer decisions and an advisor’s ability to connect with clients and prospects. As you prepare for a new year, consider integrating these six trends into your marketing,” says the white paper.

Here are the key points discussed in the paper

  • Share your story: According to this whitepaper, IFAs who share the story of how and why they became an advisor with their prospects have a better chance of converting them into clients compared to those who simply list out their qualifications. “Sharing your unique story of how and why you got into the business is much more compelling than listing off your degrees and work history. On your website, show visitors who you are through content, videos, and images,” it says.
  • Case studies bring perspective: The paper says that case studies are now the fifth most popular marketing tool for marketers. “At their core, case studies are stories about how you helped an anonymous person solve a problem or overcome an obstacle. They are a good marketing asset for financial advisors because they add dimension and show the power that advising can have with real people,” says the paper.

 Case studies are better than testimonials. While, testimonials give a unilateral view of the help you rendered from a client’s point of view, a case study explains in detail all aspects of the issue in hand and how it was resolved.

  • Blogging remains the key:  While many IFAs are already benefiting from writing blogs and publishing them on various sites, the white paper insists that the trend is set to pick up in the coming year.

The paper says, “If you have yet to blog, 2017 is the year to start. Investors are more likely to trust a blog article than an advertisement. Consider blogging as an inexpensive way to advertise your services and your experience through storytelling.”

It is important to note that businesses that blog receive more qualified leads, see an increase in website traffic, improve their SEO, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

  • Republishing your content is key: The white paper points out that writing a blog alone will not bring the type of visibility that advisors are looking for. Advisors will have to republish their articles on multiple sites, to ensure a wider reach.

“Republishing your content should be considered step two of your content marketing strategy. Beyond your initial republishing, re-share your content again in a few months to breathe new life and traffic into it,” says the whitepaper.

  • Be limited in social media: Unlike previous years when IFAs tried to get on to as many social media sites as possible, the trend is slowly shifting with IFAs choosing to stay on in only one or two social media sites.

The whitepaper observes, “In 2017, marketers and businesses will focus on one or two platforms that work best for them instead of spreading themselves thin on half a dozen sites. For many financial advisors, this will likely be either LinkedIn if you cater to professionals or Facebook if you work with pre-retirees and families.”

  • Local business listings can increase website traffic: Another trend for increasing search engine optimization and bringing in more clients seems to be by listing the practice in a local business listing, like JustDial, etc. These listings or online directories contain information about your business. Therefore, the more directories that include your listing, the more places people can find you online. This will also ensure that you appear higher during a web search.

“In the past few years, the number of ‘local searches’ (defined as a search that includes a location in it) has doubled. Now, more than 70% of Internet searches are for local business services and 59% of consumers use Google each month to locate a local business. This has contributed to a greater focus on local SEO strategies, namely local business listings,” the paper says.

Marketing is always evolving, and adjustments are required. However, by staying up-to-date on the latest trends and altering your strategies to your prospects’ communication and marketing preferences, you can see an increase in new leads, more referrals, and greater client interaction.

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