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Business Development Twitter tips to grow your business

Twitter tips to grow your business

Eight features of twitter that advisors can use to optimize their social media presence.
Daya Ragunathan Sep 14, 2017

Twitter is a great way to share information and stay updated in real-time about what is happening in the financial industry. Advisors can use Twitter as a prospecting tool too.

Here are some tips that will help advisors make their Twitter presence more effective.

Tip 1: An easy @UserName

Your Twitter handle should be  easy to remember and type. While it helps to have a catchy Twitter handle, it must not be too complicated. The simpler your handle, the easier it is to find you.

Tip 2: Create the right profile picture

Your profile picture is a window into your world. If you have a company or a logo, it is better to put that as a profile picture. However, if you are a one-person outfit, the profile picture must communicate the essence of who you are.

Tip 3: Use header image for promotion

You can use this  space (on top of your profile) to talk about your latest offerings or an upcoming event. This image gives you a chance to promote your activities.

Tip 4: Make an appealing bio

An interesting bio will help you get followers who are not your clients. You can use bio to set the tone of your relationship with the target audience. It must give your audience reasons to follow you. Tell them what they can expect from your profile. Will you be giving commentaries or will you be updating them on latest MF developments? Your bio should answer the question, “Why should I follow you?”

Tip 5: Make the links trackable

If you are providing a link to your personal website, make sure that it is trackable. You can even monitor how much traffic you get through Twitter.

Tip 6: Pin important tweets

Twitter lets you pin tweets so that your tweet stays on top. This is especially useful when you are running a contest or calling for registrations for an event. You can choose how long a tweet must stay pinned.

Tip 7: Start using lists

A Twitter list is very similar to a Facebook group. You can create lists based on interests of your clients or offerings. This will help you share customized messages.

Tip 8: Use Twitter cards

With Twitter Cards, you can attach your photos, videos and media experiences to your posts, which can help you increase traffic on your website. Simply add a few lines on the photos or videos that you share on Twitter and your audience will land on your webpage.

Hope these tips were helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

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