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Business Development How to generate content that converts clients

How to generate content that converts clients

Tips on how IFAs can create content that attracts clients on social media.
Team Cafemutual Sep 20, 2017

Today many IFAs are taking up the digital space to grab attention of investors. However, it is not enough to simply create a social media page. Your content is one of the key ingredients, which will help you attract investors. A recent whitepaper released by HubSpot, gives some tips on how advisors can convert prospects into clients by creating relevant and powerful content.

Customer-generated content

The whitepaper says that when advisors don’t know where to start they must talk to their existing clients. “If you’re trying to attract more clients, talk to the ones you already have. They know what got them to buy from you in the first place. They know what keeps them buying, and - even better - what would make them buy more. Turn those conversations into content,” it says.

This type of content generation gives advisors an opportunity to interact with their existing clients and take feedback. Also, by involving the clients directly in your content creation, the chances of sharing of your content are more.

Repurposed content

If you have brochures, a blog or a website, you probably have a content goldmine to dig into already. You just need to know how to sort through and leverage it. “Repurposing content to use in new ways gives you a bigger return on investment from each piece. Repurposing content is like borrowing from yourself. It’s all in adjusting the angle of your approach,” says the whitepaper.

The best way to repurpose your content is by listing out the various article you have written till date. You must see if the content is still relevant. If it is, then reproduce the article and publish it on social media.

“Repurposing your content doesn’t mean copying word-for-word. Don’t plagiarize yourself. Using the same wording across several platforms will disappoint your readers. Instead, take the spirit of your original content and put fresh words to it,” says HubSpot.

Using search tools

Search tools like Google Alerts, Google AdWords and social bookmarking sites are excellent places to mine for topics that will hook your customers, says the whitepaper.

“You already keep current with industry news. Reading blogs and conversations started by your competitors gives you a clear picture of topics that matter to your customers,” it says.


“Brainstorming (for the right topic) is half the content battle. It’s a big half, but still only part of the whole content marketing picture. The next step is figuring out where your content pieces fit into your campaign,” says the whitepaper.

The whitepaper says that advisors must first answer a few key questions if they want their content to be effective.

“Ask yourself, which type of client this content suits? Which format or channels are most suitable: blog post, email newsletter, webinar, whitepaper, podcast? What action do you want your content to inspire? Content that’s clearly focused has more value to everyone who encounters your brand, from prospects to customers to long-time advocates. When your content has a goal, you’ll know who to aim it at and where it fits in the grand scheme of conversion,” says the paper.


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