Business Development

70 percent HNIs invest less than 75 percent of investible assets with financial advisers
Experts say making available extensive product basket, trust building and subject expertise work out well to increase wallet share of HNIs with you.
by Nishant Patnaik Oct 29, 2013
Affluent household women influence financial decisions
77% of affluent women prefer a financial adviser who truly understands their family needs.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 29, 2013
How to use email marketing to grow business
A white paper published by The DigitalFA titled ‘Going from email marketing to marketing automation’ gives insightful ideas on how financial advisors can use email marketing effectively to grow business.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 25, 2013
Clients perceive it ‘risky’ to refer a financial advisor
A survey conducted by Prudential Financial among 800 decision makers of US households shows that 64% of them perceived offering referral as a ‘social risk’.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 17, 2013
How to maximize your website’s effectiveness
A white paper released by The Digital FA gives a step-by-step guide on what financial advisors can do with their website to attract new clients.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 14, 2013
Meet Vizag’s retirement planning guru
Tirupati Rao was felicitated with MDRT Samman for his unflinching focus on retirement planning.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 22, 2013
5 SIPs a day is the key to Alagappan’s success
Alagappan was felicitated with the MFRT Samman for promoting the cause of SIPs.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 19, 2013
Women Investors: Emerging Opportunity-Part II
So, you have contacted a woman prospect! Now the question is, how to approach her in a correct manner so as to leave the right impression.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 7, 2013
Women Investors: Emerging Opportunity -Part I
Success with women clients requires a nuanced understanding of their needs and a willingness to approach the planning process in a way that works for them.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 5, 2013
How to deal with businessmen as clients
To ensure success with businessmen, learn to identify and deal with their unique set of concerns, says Nisreen Mamaji.
by Nisreen Mamaji,Moneyworks Financial Advisors Aug 1, 2013
Best practices to grow and sustain your advisory business
A white paper published by US-based LPL Financial documents eight effective practices which IFAs can adopt to sustain and grow their business.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 1, 2013
Advising couples – How to get it right?
A LPL Financial white paper highlights the opportunity for you to grow your business by reframing how you view, interact and approach investment decisions when working with couples and families.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 30, 2013
Affluent clients feel uncomfortable when asked for reference, says a study
Oechsli Institute has published a study which suggests that asking for referrals does not go down well with affluent clients.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 25, 2013
Seminar Marketing: Tips to conduct a high impact seminar
In Part II of Seminar Marketing, find out how to increase your chances of conducting a successful seminar and generate new leads.
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 23, 2013
Seminar Marketing: A Smart Way to Grow Your Client Base
Planning to increase your client base? Read on to find out how Seminar Marketing can help you to spread the word faster…
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 22, 2013