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Business Development

3 important questions to be asked to clients during the annual portfolio review
Use the annual review to deepen your client understanding.
by Pallabika Dec 2, 2012
Tips to develop an effective E-marketing campaign
E-marketing is an increasingly popular to connect with prospects in a cost-effective way.
by Pallabika Nov 28, 2012
“Selling variable return products to a client who was used to guaranteed return products was a difficult task”
More interesting advisor stories in our series ‘How I got my First Client’
by Pallabika Nov 23, 2012
How to talk about fees to your potential clients?
Here are seven tips which will help you communicate effectively with your clients about fees.
by Nandish Desai Nov 18, 2012
3 things for a sustainable financial advisory business model
Top advisors share their success strategies.
by Pallabika Nov 15, 2012
5 ways to create a high impact IFA website
Here is how you create a website that will induce a client to approach you.
by Pallabika Nov 14, 2012
Social media yet to take off among IFAs in any significant way
Many IFAs feel that it is not worthwhile to invest time or resources on social media because it does not generate any business. Social media experts feel that social media can be effective for IFAs if approached the right way.
by Pallabika Nov 11, 2012
3 tips for brand building
Brand building is a tough job for any business. In this article, we look at strategies followed by leading IFAs to make their brand popular among clients.
by Pallabika Nov 9, 2012
Continuing our series on ‘Challenges faced by IFAs’
Himanshu Dani has overcome the challenge of making clients realise the need for financial planning
by Team Cafemutual Nov 6, 2012
5 mantras for advisors to stand out in the crowd
In the competitive financial advisory market, here are a few things that will set you apart from the rest.
by Pallabika Nov 4, 2012
10 inspiring ways to become a true financial planner
There is a world beyond data, product or investment advice and financial plan and there are several ways by which you can add value to your investor’s financial life.
by Nandish Desai Oct 30, 2012
What to tell your prospective clients before onboarding them?
A quick guide to help you make the right connection and build the right chemistry with your prospective clients.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 30, 2012
How can IFAs tap young clients?
A few tips for IFAs to reach out to India’s next generation investors.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 27, 2012
How can advisors overcome the challenge of direct plans? – II
In this second series, we present a few solutions from advisors on how to retain clients.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 25, 2012
8 killer myths that Financial Planners believe in and its killing their business
Today, I want to talk about some of the myths, which most financial planners believe in! These myths are destroying their business and stopping them from growing their advisory practice. Let’s talk about them one by one.
by Nandish Desai Oct 24, 2012