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The Best Advice I Ever Got - II
“Overcoming geographic limitations by connecting with clients virtually has shown me the path to expand my clientele around the globe,” says Suresh Mohta, IFA from Kolkata.
by Pallabika Aug 23, 2012
Sougata Mitra turned an adversity to an opportunity
By educating and providing value added services to his clients, Sougata was able to turn disgruntled clients into informed and happy investors.
by Pallabika Aug 10, 2012
After walking on fire, selling MFs is a cakewalk, says Ramakant Mahawar
The first in a series of ‘The Best Advice I Ever Got’
by Pallabika Aug 10, 2012
My first client taught me to be flexible with work timings, says B Jitu, IFA from Kolkata
We continue with some more interesting stories in our series ‘How I got my First Client’
by Pallabika Aug 6, 2012
We slashed our client base from 11,000 to 600 in order to make our business profitable: Vinod Jain
Vinod Jain, known as the ‘king of SIPs’ in the distribution fraternity had to downsize his client base by parting with 10400 clients. Today he has been able to streamline his business by catering to a niche clientele with a minimum ticket size of Rs 25 lakh.
by Ravi Samalad Aug 2, 2012
People trust the advisor first and then the product
Rajesh Koradia of Save and Smile shares how he got his first client.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 28, 2012
How to build your brand to grow your business
IFAs need to build their identity which should help their potential clients understand what they are good at.
by prem Jul 10, 2012
IFAs link up with social media to popularise their services
Advisors are using sites like Facebook and Twitter to rope in new clients, engage with existing clients and even catch up with their global counterparts.
by Pallabika Jun 20, 2012
How to overcome unrealistic client expectations
Many clients expect their advisors to generate the maximum possible returns, irrespective of the market conditions. The way to overcome this is proper asset allocation and client education, says Amit Trivedi.
by Amit Trivedi Jun 19, 2012
My first client: Your clients become your extended family
Over a course of time, advisors become life planners, not mere financial planners, says Mukund Seshadri of MS Ventures Financial Planners.
by Ravi Samalad Jun 13, 2012
Next Advisors platform allows IFAs to retain their brand identity
Launched a year back, this platform claims to help IFAs scale up their business by cutting costs and saving time while their clients buy, redeem and switch seamlessly from the comfort of their home or office.
by Ravi Samalad Jun 10, 2012
When should you sack your client?
Though the idea may sound blasphemous at a time when it is difficult to get clients, the art of building an advisory business requires you to identify not just the clients that you must acquire, but also the clients who you must let go.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 4, 2012
My first client: Business, like charity, begins at home
Many advisors stay away from approaching family members for business. But Sougata Mitra, an IFA from Kolkata, says that friends, relatives and associates constitute a natural market.
by Pallabika May 29, 2012
From an initial Rs 20,000, my first client’s portfolio is worth Rs 75 lakh!
Owning up to your errors will cement an advisor-client relationship, says Shashi Verma, a Kolkata-based IFA.
by Pallabika May 28, 2012
Winning client trust is a function of competence and integrity
Advisors need to have both competence and integrity to earn the trust of their clients...
by Team Cafemutual May 17, 2012