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Business Development

Client Profiling will help you grow your business
Appropriate client profiling can help you increase your productivity and effectiveness.
by Jigar Parekh Oct 12, 2011
Tapping them young
With a young population, attractive entry level salaries the likes of which were beyond the imagination of their parents, the segment of young earners presents a huge opportunity to IFAs
by jayshree Oct 10, 2011
Using internet and social media to grow your business
Today as many investors are becoming tech-savvy it is crucial for an advisor to have an online presence. Due to the emergence and adoption of social media, investors can now inspire loyalty through tweeting, blogging, reviewing, following, and so forth. Jayshree Pyasi gives tips on how to use internet and social media to drive sales and loyalty.
by jayshree Oct 10, 2011
7 tips for effective communication with clients
Being able to communicate effectively with clients is one of the key success factors for an IFA. Jayshree Pyasi gives you some powerful tips on effective communication.
by jayshree Oct 3, 2011
How to handle NRI clients – A primer
The Indian Diaspora presents a lucrative opportunity to those who get it right. Ravi Samalad has a few useful tips and insights on managing NRI clients
by Ravi Samalad Oct 3, 2011
Tips on advising senior citizens
Senior citizens have different investment needs and concerns. Jayshree Pyasi gathers tips from some seasoned advisors on addressing these needs and concerns more effectively
by jayshree Sep 28, 2011
How to acquire and deal with celebrity clients
Interested to know about how you can land celebrity clients but don’t know where to start. We spoke to a few advisors who have dealt with celebrity clients.
by Ravi Samalad Sep 26, 2011
How to target corporate employees?
Acquiring clients by targeting them at their work place is still a nascent concept in India though it has proven to be an effective approach in many developed markets. Jayshree Pyasi has a few interesting pointers to make it work for you.
by jayshree Sep 25, 2011
How to target women investors?
Last week, we saw how women investors differ from men counterparts. This week Jayshree Pyasi finds out how advisors need to tweak their approach and pitch with women investors.
by jayshree Sep 25, 2011
How is the bread buttered?
Rajan Mehta, Executive Director, Benchmark AMC discusses the pros and cons of various models of compensation
by Rajan Mehta Apr 21, 2011
National distributors on expansion mode
Most of the national distributors plan to add new investment centers to penetrate the mutual fund industry
by Pallabika Apr 11, 2011
MF industry in talks with legal experts on trail nomination
Ravi Samalad finds that the mf industry is trying to figure out how a nominee can be paid trail even if he or she is not an ARN holder
by Ravi Samalad Apr 4, 2011
The Future of Investment Advisory Business
Mr. Rajan Mehta, Executive Director, Benchmark AMC points to the long-term potential of the investment advisory business in India
Posted on Apr 1, 2011
Training crucial for distributors: Survey
A majority of the IFAs feel that skill development and training provide a much needed edge to them while dealing with their clients
by Team Cafemutual Feb 10, 2011
Become the Family's CFO
The rising affluence in India presents an opportunity for Family CFOs to evolve and guide clients in investments as well as expenditure planning
by Shalini Amarnani Jan 24, 2011