Business Development

‘Don’t complicate your investment strategy’
Deepesh Mehta and Nitin Patel talk about the books that influenced them the most and helped them grow.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 10, 2017
‘If you can’t tell, you can’t sell it’
Manoj Chahar and Dilshad Billimoria share with us their favourite books and what they learned from it
by Darshita Shah Feb 3, 2017
‘Clients give your referrals once they start trusting you’
Continuing with our series on the 'Best advice I ever got', Nitin Patel tells us how he learnt that equity was meant only for the long term while Madhu Sudan Uppal find out the three golden rules to build and earn client trust.
by Darshita Shah Jan 31, 2017
‘I am able to convert 35% of audience to be my clients!'
Maharashtra based Sachin Kharate uses interesting topics for IAPs while U.P based Virendr Pal Singh pitches SIP. They share their approach for conducting successful IAPs.
by Darshita shah Jan 27, 2017
How I started charging a fee
Yogin Sabnis of VSK Financial Consultancy shares how he started charging fee and why IFAs should adopt a fee-based model.
by Darshita shah Jan 25, 2017
‘An advisor should change his laptop every 3 years’
Gujarat based Nikhil Thakker has learned how to segment his clientele while Mumbai based Jayant Vidwans has learned that an advisor should constantly upgrade technology to beat the competition.
by Darshita shah Jan 25, 2017
Questions advisors should ask themselves
US based advisory firm Edward Jones recommends a four step business-planning process for advisers to grow business.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 24, 2017
10 books that every advisor must read!
Here are 10 books which are filled with great ideas and concepts to help you sharpen your skills and your practice.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 24, 2017
How I conduct my IAPs
Maharashtra based Abhay Dandekar and Gujarat based Mukesh Patel share with us how they conduct IAPs.
by Darshita Shah Jan 21, 2017
Betterment CEO’s advice for Indian advisers to grow business
Jonathan B Stein, Founder and CEO, Betterment spoke about the future of financial advice at India Investment Conference organised by CFA Society India and CFA Institute in Mumbai.
by Nishant Patnaik Jan 16, 2017
‘My strategy is to expand my business by promoting value averaging investing plan’
Vinod Jain says that he will conduct more advisors training program in 2017 while Kirit Shah says he plans to expand business through value average investment plans.
by Darshita Shah Jan 13, 2017
‘Get organized to achieve work life balance’
Bangalore based Deepesh Mehta has learned how making a to-do list can help IFAs manage time efficiently while Nashik based Sachin Kharate learnt that a goal based approach made his clients stay put for the long term.
by Darshita shah Jan 13, 2017
‘My aim is to acquire 100 like-minded clients this year’
Khyati Mashru says she plans to acquire 100 new clients this year while Kevin Michael will start advising on loans to his clients.
by Darshita Shah Jan 6, 2017
‘Stuck with his loss in direct equity, the client turned to me for advise’
Ajay Kale and Imran Gilani recall the memories of acquiring their first MF clients and how this experience has helped them in their practice.
by Darshita Shah Jan 3, 2017
How to write blogs like a pro
A recent white paper published by Advisor Websites gave four simple tips to write blogs effectively.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 1, 2017