Business Development

How to get meetings with UHNWI
Be innovative if you wish to seek attention of those who are out of your reach.
by Poonam Bansal May 21, 2016
Gen Y is looking for advisors not robos, finds a survey
Most investors think that traditional advisors will continue to play a dominant role in future, although their roles may look different.
by Banali Banerjee May 20, 2016
How can you show clients your value?
A whitepaper on ‘different ways to show clients your value’ by LPL Financial provides interesting insights to help you build better relationships with clients.
by Team Cafemutual May 17, 2016
4 ways to retain clients
by Nishant Patnaik May 16, 2016
How to be a client therapist
Eight in ten advisors believe their ability to keep clients from making emotional decision is a critical success factor.
by Team Cafemutual May 12, 2016
Transforming advisor-client relationship
The demand is increasing for help and guidance to simplify personal financial planning and investing, delivered in a personalized, customized and efficient manner through multiple touch points.
by Team Cafemutual May 11, 2016
How I got my first client
Vinod Jain and Shifali Satsangee narrate how they acquired their first client and what they learned from that experience.
by Banali Banerjee May 10, 2016
SEBI RIA or Distributor?
In a recently held Society of Financial Planners (SOFP) event, Suresh Sadagopan, Founder of Ladder7 Advisories stressed on the importance of becoming an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor).
by Banali Banerjee May 4, 2016
Are you a conscientious advisor?
Becoming a conscientious advisor requires attention to the details of both practice management and client interaction.
by Team Cafemutual May 3, 2016
Social media is a hit among IFAs: Putnam study
Over 80% of advisors are using social media to grow their business, shows a recent Putnam Investors 2015 Social Advisor study.
by Team Cafemutual May 2, 2016
How to develop a visual content marketing plan
An independent research shows that 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual in nature. Read on to find out how you can create visually appealing content to communicate with your clients.
by Banali Banerjee Apr 30, 2016
How important is office space for IFAs?
If you have an office, clients will visit you. Your office can make a strong statement about your commitment and vision.
by Poonam Bansal Apr 28, 2016
How to win trust online
Practical ways through which you can inspire trust online.
by Advisor Websites Apr 27, 2016
The Behavioral Continuum: What’s the Best Behavioral Bias?
by Shreenivas Kunte, CFA Apr 26, 2016
How to get referrals from centre of influencers
COIs are established professionals and community groups whose strong reputations and influence can provide an excellent gateway for referrals.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 25, 2016