‘Create a community of people who have had good experience with MFs’
Here are the key highlights of the session ‘How digital media is shaping investors choices’ held recently at the Cafemutual Confluence 2016 in Mumbai.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 18, 2016
How are the aspirations of the wealthy changing?
Posted on Oct 18, 2016
Indian markets provide a lot of diversification opportunities: John Praveen
by Team Cafemutual Oct 17, 2016
200 IFAs participate in ICAA’s maiden event
IFAs from Dhandbad, Dumka, Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Contai, Durgapur, Asaansol, Burdwan and Patna and other parts of Bengal and Jharkhand participated in the daylong event.
by Banali Banerjee Aug 30, 2016
Advisers learn, network and bond at the 8th MFRT conference in Jaipur
Over 650 IFAs attended the event themed as ‘Disruption: Failure or Success.’
by Banali Banerjee Aug 8, 2016
Forthcoming CPE Training schedule
by Team Cafemutual Aug 5, 2016
Over 700 delegates expected to participate in the 8th MFRT conference in Jaipur
‘Disruption: Failure or Success’ is the theme of the event this year.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 26, 2016
COFP to hold its third annual convention in July
The theme of the event is Transform and Thrive.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 21, 2016
Wealth Managers looking forward to 35 experts sharing insights and ideas
With just four days left, excitement is building up for Cafemutual Conference: Wealth Management 2016.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 2, 2016
Value Chasers of Pune lift the Cafemutual IFA League trophy
Eight teams participated in the first season of Cafemutual IFA League (CIL)
by Team Cafemutual May 9, 2016
8 teams battle to clinch Cafemutual IFA League championship
Get ready to witness 64 Dhonis and Kohlis of the mutual fund industry.
by Team Cafemutual May 6, 2016
List of master blasters of the mutual fund industry
by Team Cafemutual May 6, 2016
SOFP to hold discussion on ‘RIA v/s Distributor’
The discussion will be held on April 28 in Mumbai.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 27, 2016
How a waiter made it big in the advisory business
by Team Cafemutual Mar 3, 2016
What's the future of advisory business?
by Team Cafemutual Mar 2, 2016