Financial Planning

Women are risk averse as compared to men, shows FinaMetrica data
The data shows that in five out of six couples, men tend to favour riskier investments while women typically have more conservative tastes.
by Team Cafemutual May 13, 2016
Brick and mortar IFAs apprehensive about the quality of robo advice: CFA survey
46% of respondents say that flaws in automated financial advice algorithms as the biggest risk in robo-advisory.
by Banali Banerjee May 10, 2016
‘My mother has been investing in MFs for the past 15 years’
What MF honchos learned from their mothers regarding saving and investment.
by Ravi Samalad May 6, 2016
Mom and Money: “Lessons she taught me”
What advisors learnt from their mothers about savings and investment.
by Poonam Bansal May 6, 2016
Ways to educate client’s children about financial planning
Youth today are the biggest consumers. Most of them spend their pocket money on fashion or technology.
by Team Cafemutual May 2, 2016
Is the traditional system of financial planning changing?
Advisors would do well to make their clients understand that financial planning is always incomplete without the involvement of family.
by Poonam Bansal Apr 30, 2016
Does your client give you credit for portfolio gains?
A study shows that 7 out of 10 affluent clients do not give credit to their financial advisors for gains in their investments.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 18, 2016
Tailor made client statements
To cater to different kinds of investors, advisors also use different approaches. While some advisors send the statement received by them from AMCs to clients, others use third party white labelled software’s for all their clients.
by Poonam Bansal Apr 16, 2016
5 principles that fuel your clients fear
A practical guide to understanding and acting on the key factors that govern your clients’ thinking.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 4, 2016
Does goal based investing help achieve better outcome?
A white paper published by Investment Management Consultant, a US based advisory firm, shows that goal-based investing helps the investor to become more familiar with the financial markets and limitations of the same.
by Poonam Bansal Mar 31, 2016
66% of Indian women take own investment decisions
The survey was carried in US, UK, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
by Banali Banerjee Mar 10, 2016
Advisors improve saving behaviour among investors: Study
A research shows that investors who have hired financial advisors save twice the rate of those who are managing their money without any help.
by Banali Banerjee Mar 4, 2016
Why ELSS scores over other tax saving products under 80 C
A primer on the pros and cons of 11 products which qualify for tax deduction under Section 80 C.
by Poonam Bansal Feb 26, 2016
Where do advisors invest their money?
Read on to find out how IFAs invest and manage their own finances.
by Banali Banerjee Feb 24, 2016
85% people consult IFAs for financial planning: Principal Retirement survey
Investment planning, setting financial goals & tax savings are the top three reasons for consulting a financial advisor.
by Banali Banerjee Feb 22, 2016