Financial Planning

Getting your client to invest for his children’s future
Fortunately, quality education is still affordable in India. But are you confident to earn your client enough funds so he can gift his child the perfect education and career, 20 years down the line?
by iFAST Financial India Mar 28, 2012
Tax Bachao with IT Deductions
In this article we try to focus on the various tax benefits available under Sec 80C, 80CCF, 80D, 80G and 80E.
by Pinal Jain, Jan 31, 2012
Financial planning has a lot to do with inter-personal skills
Mukund Seshadri of MS Ventures takes us through four vital inter-personal skills essential to be a good financial planner
by Mukund Seshadri Jan 15, 2012
The importance of asset allocation
CFP and owner of MS Ventures, Mukund Seshadri talks about the importance of asset allocation in reaching investor goals
by Mukund Seshadri Dec 6, 2011
Financial planning for special need families
Jayshree Pyasi talks to acclaimed financial planners for pointers on planning for special need families
by jayshree Nov 24, 2011
Ban gaya Crorepati! How to help them remain one?
Coming in to sudden wealth is an overwhelming experience and they need to be guided and advised differently
by jayshree Nov 12, 2011
In evaluating past performance, look beyond numbers
IFAs need to consider many other factors and not just numbers, says Amit Trivedi. Read on to find out what these factors are
by Amit Trivedi Nov 11, 2011
From a failed product pusher to a financial planning guru
Network FP's first annual conference attracted the top 140 practicing fee based financial planners
by Ravi Samalad Oct 25, 2011
IFAs caution investors to stick to asset allocation
Investors are getting jittery in the current market conditions but IFAs are asking them to stay invested
by Pallabika Oct 14, 2011
‘Be persistent in getting your investors to start investing in their late 20s and early 30s’
With rising inflation, increased medical expenses and no regular salary slips, it becomes important to be adequately prepared for retirement.
by Mukund Seshadri Oct 9, 2011
5 benefits of adopting the financial planning model
The business of financial product distribution has a varied set of professionals known as financial planners, IFAs, distributors or sub-brokers all of whom follow different business models.
by Ravi Samalad Sep 11, 2011
‘Articulating goals and facilitating their attainment is our be-all and end-all'
In a market which lost a whopping 8% in a single month, Sumeet Vaid of Ffreedom Financials has added 40 clients. This is what differentiates a financial planner from a distributor
by Ravi Samalad Sep 5, 2011
Comprehensive checklists before you recommend a fund or construct a portfolio
Before we recommend a fund, construct or review our client’s portfolio, Here’s a comprehensive checklist prepared by Shifali Satsangee of Funds Vedaa
by Shifali Satsangee Sep 4, 2011
A well-diversified portfolio is the key to safer, rewarding investing
Arnav Pandya explains how your clients’ investments can be successfully diversified to gain the maximum out of it, without making the portfolio risk-prone
by Arnav Pandya Jun 13, 2011
Importance of risk profiling
It's not the market levels but your client’s risk appetite that matters!
by Dhanashri Rane Dec 30, 2010