Fund Review

Gilt funds deliver highest returns in debt fund category in Jan-Mar quarter
The gains came mostly due to hopes of a continuing decline in interest rate. This pushed the long end of the sovereign yield curve (10-year benchmark) down by 30 bps to 7.46% and boosted long-term debt funds, especially gilt funds.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 29, 2016
Should you recommend mid cap funds at this juncture?
Experts say that investors should diversify their portfolio by having at least 70% of their corpus in large caps and the remaining in mid-caps.
by Poonam Bansal Apr 7, 2016
Will infrastructure funds bounce back?
For an economy built to last we must invest in what will fuel us for generations to come. From railroad, ports, dams to building bridges, we need to prioritize growth and investments in our nation's infrastructure.
by Poonam Bansal Mar 19, 2016
To be, or not to be in BFSI funds, that is the question
Banks reported one of the worst quarters in the last decade with no near term visibility in operational improvement. The valuations of bank stocks have corrected sharply because of near-term weak economic outlook. How has this affected banking and financial sector funds?
by Poonam Bansal Mar 14, 2016
Are balanced funds taking too much risk to deliver performance?
Many balanced funds have more than 30% exposure to mid and small cap stocks which helped them deliver superior returns; however, with higher risks.
by Nishant Patnaik Jan 5, 2016
Fund Analysis - DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund
Aggressive investors who want to create the extra alpha in their portfolio can consider this fund which is true to its label of being a micro-cap fund across different market cycles.
by iFAST Research May 29, 2015
FundsIndia recommends: Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver
Since this fund predominantly invests in large-cap stocks, it is known to contain downfalls during steep market corrections.
by Sathyamoorthy N Dec 15, 2014
ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan - not a fund for return chasers
If you want to participate in the equity market for the long term, but with relatively lower risks (especially risks associated with market valuations seeming too high), you can consider investing in this fund.
by N. Sathyamoorthy, Nov 9, 2014
HDFC Multiple Yield Fund – 2005 Plan - apt for first time mutual fund investors
With a return of 11 per cent annually in the last five years and around 10 percent since its launch in August 2005, this debt-oriented fund is amongst the top performers in the monthly income scheme/debt-oriented category.
by N. Sathyamoorthy, Nov 8, 2014
‘ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund will remain true to its label’
Launched in 2004, ICICI Prudential’s most popular scheme – Value Discovery Fund completes ten years. The fund has delivered 25% CAGR since its inception. Its fund manager Mrinal Singh talks to Cafemutual about what has helped the fund live up to its expectations and his future strategy.
by Ravi Samalad Aug 25, 2014
Fund focus – Tata Ethical Fund
Although Tata Ethical Fund is positioned as a Shariah compliant fund, we believe that this theme should not be targeted at just one category of investors.
by Investment Advisory Division, iFAST Financial Jun 4, 2014
Banking debt funds are the flavour of the season
Know why banking debt funds prove to be the ideal investment option for risk averse investors.
by iFAST Research Team Mar 29, 2014
A large cap winner
A quant-based fund is beating its peers in the equity large-cap category. Here's what this fund is all about...
by Larissa Fernand Jul 24, 2013
An opportunities fund to consider
This fund has just completed 5 years and its track record makes it worthy of a recommendation. Those looking for a large-cap biased offering should consider this mutual fund.
by Larissa Fernand Apr 18, 2013
5 Multi-cap Funds worth investing in a faltering market
Swapnil Suvarna has identified five equity funds worth investing for your clients in the current market turmoil
by Swapnil Jan 11, 2012