Fund Review 5 Multi-cap Funds worth investing in a faltering market

5 Multi-cap Funds worth investing in a faltering market

Swapnil Suvarna has identified five equity funds worth investing for your clients in the current market turmoil
Swapnil Jan 11, 2012

Swapnil Suvarna has identified five equity funds worth investing for your clients in the current market turmoil.

In the year 2011, Indian markets declined sharply due to domestic and global economy. To take advantage of the attractive valuations in these indecisive market conditions, we have identified five quality multi-cap equity funds. These funds have not only done well in favorable market conditions, but have also demonstrated better value protection during the bear phase.

UTI Opportunities Fund (AUM = Rs. 1,702 crore)

  • Fund Manager: Anoop Bhaskar
  • Focuses on capturing new opportunities in prospective and consumer driven sectors
  • Fund assets are allocated mainly towards quality large-caps and the remaining in emerging larger mid-caps
  • Management strictly follows a profit booking strategy on recognizing better opportunistic bet or if there is a huge valuation gap or a pessimistic development in the current holding
  • Well-organized approach has minimized risk
  • Management has proved its ability to identify and benefit through strategic opportunistic bets

Reliance NRI Equity Fund (AUM = Rs. 95 crore)

  • Fund Manager: Omprakash Kuckian
  • Predominantly focuses on investing in quality diverse growth companies that are reasonably valued among the BSE-200 heavyweights
  • Maintains a portfolio of less than 30 stocks with quality large-caps accounting for more than 50 percent and promising mid caps accounting for the rest
  • Management has shown confidence in the stock selection and quality of the portfolio thus enhancing the performance of the fund in a bearish phase
  • Portfolio is high on quality and liquidity; avoids chasing momentum picks

Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund (AUM = Rs. 1,603 crore)

  • Fund Manager: KN Sivasubramanian and Anand Vasudevan
  • Largely focuses on investing in reasonably-valued, fundamentally strong companies identified through bottom-up approach
  • Aggressive sector focused strategy is executed if mispriced by the market
  • Major holding in quality large-cap has brought stability to the portfolio
  • Assets are moved across mid- and small-cap only if the business environment is attractive and available at fair value
  • Smart contrarian and consumer driven bets have helped in reducing losses against the benchmark in the market downturn

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund (AUM = Rs. 182 crore)

  • Fund Manager: Gopal Agrawal and Neelesh Surana
  • Maintains a vibrant portfolio consisting of BSE-200 index heavyweights available at attractive valuation and smaller companies with low business risk
  • Invests in promising large-cap stocks from prospective sectors with strong business model but still in a high growth phase
  • Strategic investment in fundamentally strong companies at attractive levels has paid off remarkably
  • Fund managers have demonstrated their ability to reshuffle the fund portfolio in response to the market volatility and generate impressive return

Canara Robeco Multicap Fund (AUM = Rs. 39 crore)

  • Fund Manager: Soumendra Nath Lahiri
  • Primarily invests in diverse quality BSE-200 index heavyweights and mid-caps available at reasonable value
  • Maintains an active, aggressive portfolio in an uncertain market with low risk
  • High on liquidity and quality
  • Smaller fund size allows the fund manager to stay vigilant and exploit on investment opportunities before its larger peers
  • Consistency in exposure towards top holdings shows fund managers conviction in the stock picks


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