Fund Review

Fund Managers who stood tall in 2011’s weak equity market
Swapnil Suvarna mined a list of 22 equity diversified fund managers who have contained losses by well over 5 percent against the benchmark index during the year 2011.
by Swapnil Jan 5, 2012
5 Funds that held up better in 2011’s weak market
Swapnil Suvarna discovers five funds which have contained losses against their respective benchmark during the year 2011.
by Swapnil Dec 30, 2011
5 Best ELSS Funds for your investors
Swapnil Suvarna recommends five ELSS equity funds for your investors which are the best in the category. These funds have proved their stability and consistency in terms of performance across various periods
by Swapnil Nov 22, 2011
Sector funds fail the performance test!
In the past one year, Nifty has declined 16% but except FMCG and pharma sector funds, other sector funds have failed to beat their respective benchmarks
by Swapnil Oct 27, 2011
The emerging outperformer - SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund
SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses began as a slow performer but since early 2009 it has been consistently outperforming its benchmark. Swapnil Suvarna feels the fund stands to benefit in the long run from the opportunities thrown up in the uncertain markets.
by Swapnil Oct 21, 2011
5 Mid & Small cap Funds for any season
Swapnil Suvarna identifies 5 funds from the mid & small cap space which could generate consistent and decent returns across market cycles.
by Swapnil Oct 5, 2011
Four Consistent Tiny Outperformers
Swapnil Suvarna identifies four tiny equity funds which have outperformed their respective benchmarks over various market cycles
by Swapnil Oct 2, 2011
Equity funds outperform a volatile Sensex
Since July 2011, Sensex has declined 14 percent but majority of the schemes have beaten their relative benchmarks
by Swapnil Sep 29, 2011
This slow starter has left most of its peers behind
Swapnil Suvarna suggest your investors to hold this fund as a core holding considering its consistency in performance across various market cycles and management's focus of maintaining a quality portfolio
by Swapnil Sep 26, 2011
Principal Large Cap Fund – Sturdy Performer!
Consistency in outperformance against the benchmark over various market cycles has been the hallmark of this fund. Swapnil Suvarna feels over a long period the fund has the potential to generate decent returns due to its focus on large-caps, even though the fund has underperformed of late.
by Swapnil Sep 13, 2011
HDFC Capital Builder Fund - Consistent Wealth Builder!
Swapnil Suvarna feels the fund is suitable for long term investors looking to generate superior returns
by Swapnil Sep 4, 2011
5 Large-cap Funds worth Investing
Swapnil Suvarna feels the current uncertainty provides an opportunity to generate superior returns in the long term for your investors and hence recommends five large-cap funds
Posted on Sep 4, 2011
Franklin India Bluechip Fund - Truly an all-weather performer!
Swapnil Suvarna feels this fund needs to be a core holding in your client’s portfolio considering its consistency and durability in terms of performance
Posted on Sep 3, 2011
HDFC Top 200 Fund - Reliable Wealth Creator!
Swapnil Suvarna recommends this fund as a long-term investment to your investors who are looking to gain maximum returns with minimum risk
by Swapnil Sep 2, 2011
HDFC Equity Fund – Established Performer
Swapnil Suvarna finds that this fund deserves to be a core holding in every portfolio for its brilliant and consistent long term performance
by Swapnil Aug 15, 2011