Guest Column

Did the markets go up 21% due to demonetization?
Amit Trivedi examines if the Nifty rise of 21% for the one-year period since the announcement of demonetization is a coincidence, correlation or cause.
by Amit Trivedi Nov 13, 2017
A commentary on debt funds post scheme merger
Let us understand the impact of SEBI’s circular on scheme merger on key categories of debt funds.
by Joydeep Sen Oct 27, 2017
How to sell debt funds when equity is booming
Give day-to-day analogies to promote debt funds among your clients.
by Joydeep Sen Oct 6, 2017
Enjoying the journey called life!
A real life case study on life planning.
by Suresh Sadagopan Sep 22, 2017
‘Why hybrid model is the future of financial advisory’
Many people think robo advisors will replace humans. They are wrong. Computers definitely function at a much faster pace than humans; but humans too are skilled at certain things that computers cannot do.
by Amar Pandit Aug 5, 2017
How to achieve Rs.100 lakh crore AUM by 2018
MF industry needs disruptive thinking rather than incremental thinking
by Sanjay Bhargava Jul 27, 2017
KK Bajaj’s six-step process to make an ideal financial plan
Founder Chairman & Chief Mentor of the 50-year old financial distributors company Bajaj Capital, KK Bajaj shares tips on how to go about making a financial plan for your clients to strengthen client relationship.
by KK Bajaj Jul 26, 2017
20 years of distribution, Rs.20 trillion of assets, but less than 2% users
If penetration is what industry wants, then it must welcome SEBI's investment advisory consultation paper.
by Kamal Manocha Jul 25, 2017
‘When change is inevitable, let us embrace it in the right spirit’
“Much bad advice is given for free.” These are the words written by Benjamin Graham, in his famous book, The Intelligent Investor.
by Kamal Manocha Jul 20, 2017
Why distributors should not rely on MF ranking agencies
Go for a fund house with a good track record across market cycles, large size and with skin in the game.
by Joydeep Sen Jul 10, 2017
Why RBI will not cut rates in the upcoming policy review meet
A curtain raiser on RBI monetary policy review.
by Joydeep Sen Jun 1, 2017
How to use Twitter efficiently
Here are some Twitter tools to help you curate contents.
by Shri Harsha K May 16, 2017
When to exit debt funds?
If you invested three years ago, you should shift to short-term bond funds
by Joydeep Sen May 8, 2017
Why you should prefer recommending open end debt funds over FMPs
Go for FMPs only if your client does not want volatility; else you should recommend open end debt funds.
by Joydeep Sen Mar 29, 2017
Should you recommend credit-play corporate bond funds to clients?
IFAs can look at recommending a limited exposure, say 15% to 20% of the fixed income allocation of the portfolio to credit opportunity funds of well managed AMCs.
by Joydeep Sen Mar 10, 2017