Guest Column

What to tell clients when markets correct
Investors who do nothing and stay calm when markets fall are perhaps doing the wisest thing.
by Vidya Bala Apr 20, 2015
The real risk to your client’s investments
Vidya Bala, Head, Mutual Fund Research, lists 3 common mistakes clients make while investing.
by Vidya Bala Apr 12, 2015
Don’t worry about direct plans, direct your attention towards clients
After a financial crisis, 50-80% of your clients will come back to you. So don’t worry about direct plans, instead direct your attention to clients who value your service.
by Amit Bivalkar, Sapient Wealth Apr 9, 2015
“What is the future of the mutual fund industry?”
Amit Trivedi of Karmayog Knowledge Academy asserts that notwithstanding the recent events, the MF industry is set to register further growth and the beneficiaries will be those who are ready to adapt.
by Amit Trivedi Apr 5, 2015
Carl Richards: 6 things the investment industry can do to change the world
Carl Richards, author of the book ‘The Behavior Gap’, gives six tips on how the investment industry can change the world.
by Lauren Foster Feb 19, 2015
Skills that separate you as an investment manager: creativity
Gaining creativity has two major accelerants. First, constantly be aware of your and your firm’s boundaries. Second, creativity is about awareness. So the remedy here is: you guessed it, meditation and to challenge orthodoxy by taking mental leaps of faith.
by Jason Voss, CFA Jan 12, 2015
How to grow your SIP book in 2015
Vinayak Sapre of Insights gives practical advice on how advisors can grow their SIP book irrespective of where the market moves.
by Vinayak Sapre Jan 2, 2015
Person of the year 2014
Like every year, there were several deserving contenders but the winner is…Read on to find out!
by Navneet Munot Jan 1, 2015
The market crash is good news!
Look at the correction as an opportunity to engage with your clients, says Amit Trivedi of Karmayog-Knowledge.
by Amit Trivedi Dec 17, 2014
Robo advisors versus human advisors
Here’s a comparison of what Robo advisors vis-à-vis human advisors have to offer to their clients.
by Swarn Saurabh Dec 15, 2014
Will burning cost cause massive heartburn?
While IRDA’s motive in trying to stop the insurance industry’s self-inflicted spiral of descent to the depths cannot be faulted, could some remedial measures have been taken by the industry itself? Perhaps yes.
by Gurpal Singh Dhingra Nov 30, 2014
World is changing, are you?
Always remember that clients don’t issue addendum before making changes to their behavioral patterns.
by Vinayak Sapre Nov 12, 2014
Which asset allocation model should your clients follow?
In the western world, asset allocation advice driven by computer algorithms (Robo-Advisors) are posing serious threats to human advisory practice. If we believe in trends, then the time is not too far for us to do a catch up game.
by Swarn Saurabh Oct 26, 2014
“Pretend and Extend” vs. Prediction: Other Lessons from Berkshire Hathaway
The genius of the Berkshire Hathaway approach, particularly the approach to acquisitions, is to focus on likely significant future changes.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Sep 15, 2014
The business of advising in India
Investors can’t distinguish between right and wrong advice.
by D V Suresh Sep 3, 2014