Guest Column

To be or not to be a registered investment adviser
M S Shabbir of SenSage Financial Services shares his views on why financial planners should register with SEBI as Investment Advisers.
by M. S. Shabbir Oct 16, 2013
Use of Monte Carlo simulations in Financial Planning
It seeks to cover all conceivable real world contingencies in proportion to their likelihood.
by Jitendra Kumar, Sr.Business Analyst- Fiserv Oct 10, 2013
Can you prove your investment selection processes?
I have been recently asked “What do you believe about investing, but know that you could never prove?”
by Michael Lipper, CFA Sep 19, 2013
Stubborn analysts may become stubborn portfolio managers
All PMs should study competitive portfolios and performance, not to copy them because the student will be late.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Sep 10, 2013
Does money make the world go around?
A. Michael Lipper, CFA discusses what money means in different contexts.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Aug 28, 2013
The core elements of investing
Mark Armbruster, CFA discusses the most commonsense strategies of investing which are largely ignored by the professional fund managers.
by Mark Armbruster, CFA Aug 19, 2013
Institutional shareholders rarely ever drag the company and its management to the courts
In these times of trust deficit, Indian investment managers and investment advisors should work harder to develop and retain trust of investors.
by Shriram Subramanian Aug 16, 2013
Believe in Unbelievable!
We must always begin things on a positive note. Results might not be as expected though we must carry on until we achieve the desired goals.
by Kanak Jain, Mentor, Ask Circle Aug 9, 2013
Lessons to be learnt from the recent events in bond markets
Despite the recent bout of losses in bond funds, they have not lost their ability to generate returns.
by T Srikanth Bhagavat, Hexagon Capital Advisors Aug 6, 2013
Investing in bond funds: What you actually need to know? – Part II
Unless we really manage to screw our economy very badly, interest rates generally move in cycles.
by Dheeraj Singh, Finanzlab Advisors Jul 29, 2013
Investing in bond funds: What you actually need to know? – Part I
Unlike equities, bond investments do not, generally, suffer from the “catching a falling knife” metaphor.
by Dheeraj Singh, Finanzlab Advisors Jul 26, 2013
Revisiting the Promoter Put in mutual funds
Mutual funds are passthrough products and investors have to share not just the upside but also the downside.
by Dheeraj Singh, Finanzlab Advisors Jul 18, 2013
‘Without technology in my life, I would have been doomed!’
Gajendra Kothari of Etica Wealth Management tells us how gadgets and applications have helped in winning clients and becoming more productive in his practice.
by Gajendra Kothari Jul 16, 2013
Don’t procrastinate on the subject of writing a will
Advisors can learn a lot from this article by Sujata Kabraji in which she gives a step by step guide on how to go about writing a will.
by Sujata Kabraji Jul 1, 2013
Don't fool yourself about retirement
Educate your clients that this is one goal that must be taken seriously and thought of the moment one starts earning....
by Content Team, iFAST Financial India Pvt Ltd Jun 9, 2013