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‘Young investors see advisors as transaction enablers’
Investors under 35 tend to view the role of an advisor as more transactional in nature.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 24, 2018
MF industry has 1.54 crore unique investors: AMFI
Also, the ‘mutual fund sahi hai’ campaign has received overwhelming response from investors: AMFI CEO, NS Venkatesh said at CIFA 2018.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 23, 2018
‘There is a need to delineate fee based advisors and distributors’
In an email interview, Renee Schaaf, Vice President – Strategic Planning and Business Development, Principal International shares her view on growth plan of Principal Mutual Fund in India.
by Nishant Patnaik Feb 23, 2018
Here are the key snippets of CIFA 2018
CIFA 2018 saw 25 industry experts speaking on a broad range of topics.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 23, 2018
How to ensure that Aadhaar is linked successfully with the MF folio
Karvy Computershare has shared a few steps to help you link Aadhaar successfully with MF folios.
by Nishant Patnaik Feb 22, 2018
80% SIPs have a ticket size of less than Rs.5,000
Over 1 crore SIP accounts have a ticket size less than Rs.5000.
by Padmaja Choudhury Feb 22, 2018
Will the ban on Ponzi schemes make mutual funds attractive?
The government has also amended chit fund regulations to attract more investors.
by Padmaja Choudhury Feb 22, 2018
Renew your ARN online through Aadhaar
New ARN registration and renewal has got easier with Aadhaar.
by Nishant Patnaik Feb 21, 2018
Should you recommend SWP in equity funds?
Many investors, who were investing in dividend plans, are now considering shifting to SWPs post Budget.
by Padmaja Choudhury Feb 20, 2018
MF industry AAUM crosses Rs.23 lakh crore in January
And the number of active SIP accounts is almost 2 crore now.
by Padmaja Choudhury Feb 20, 2018
On boarding a client now just minutes away
CAMS has introduced eKYC facility for distributors through which they can do biometric KYC of their clients.
by Nishant Patnaik Feb 20, 2018
BSE Star MF warns fund houses: Suspend fresh transactions if you do not pay transaction fee
The company has reportedly suspended fresh investments in the schemes of a mid-sized fund houses.
by Nishant Patnaik Feb 19, 2018
Mirae Asset joins MF Utility
With this, 29 AMCs are on MF Utility platform
by Team Cafemutual Feb 19, 2018
PFRDA to raise equity exposure in NPS to 75%
Currently, NPS can invest up to 50% of corpus under active choice.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 17, 2018
8 out of 10 mutual fund investors are satisfied with their distributors even if funds underperform
Also, investors who invest through distributors have a better financial knowledge.
by Team Cafemutual Feb 17, 2018