MF News Nothing Fixed About Fixed Income. Here's why

Nothing Fixed About Fixed Income. Here's why

Source: Moneycontrol May 19, 2017

Mr. Shroff came home last Saturday from a dinner a worried man. It all happened when Mr. Shroff was introduced to a Registered Investment Advisor. Several people were around the RIA and amidst the clinking of cocktail glasses, all wanted to know the fate of equity market especially with talks of US rate hike, De-globalisation, Chinese slowdown etc. Like always, nobody seemed interested about the debt market. Mr. Shroff remained quiet with a smug feeling that his portfolio of 100 percent fixed income can’t go wrong.

This feeling lasted for a few moments till the RIA asked him as to how he managed his portfolio. Mr. Shroff calmly explained that being risk averse he has invested his surplus in various fixed income instruments and is insulated from the shocks of the equity market.

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