MF News

RBI hikes rates on inflation fears
RBI hiked policy rates by 25 basis points to stop inflation from intensifying further; expected to raise rates by another 75-100 basis points
by Team Cafemutual Jan 24, 2011
Overseas IFAs yet to comply with KYD norms
MF distributors based in foreign cities with NRI concentration too are still to comply with KYD requirements
by Ravi Samalad Jan 19, 2011
Stiff norms for intermediaries
The market regulator has invited feedback on outsourcing activities relating to intermediaries by 05 February 2011
by Team Cafemutual Jan 18, 2011
IDFC infra bond issue open
IDFC is offering 8 per cent interest on the tax-free bonds with the option to receive interest annually or cumulatively
by Mustafa Jawadwala Jan 18, 2011
SBI MF to have robust IFA portal
The second phase of its new website focused on distributors is set to be launched in March
by Team Cafemutual Jan 18, 2011
Higher quota for MFs in IPOs/FPOs
SEBI is considering allocating a higher quota for mutual funds in IPOs and FPOs of equity shares
by Team Cafemutual Jan 16, 2011
Fee to replace upfront commission
AMFI is working on a model wherein investors will pay a charge to distributors instead of upfront commission from MFs
by Ravi Samalad & Anju Yadav Jan 16, 2011
AMFI asks distributors to organise
The industry body says distributors need to organise themselves into an association to put their views across
by Ravi Samalad Jan 13, 2011
MFs should study successful IFAs
Bhave wants fund houses to draw lessons from distributors who have succeeded despite abolition of entry load
by Team Cafemutual Jan 13, 2011
CAMS speeds up KYD processing
CAMS is making special efforts to enable distributors across the country to complete KYD well ahead of the deadline
by Ravi Samalad Jan 10, 2011
MFs embrace social media
Mutual funds see social networking sites as a good platform to build a rapport with investors
by Ravi Samalad Jan 10, 2011
AMFI to run ad campaigns on MFs
The commercials will help educate people about the benefits of investing in mutual funds
by Ravi Samalad Jan 9, 2011
Single account statement from Feb
MFs are still discussing legal & cost aspects of issuing a common statement of investments across fund houses
by Ravi Samalad Jan 9, 2011
SEBI wants audit of physical gold
MF statutory auditors to audit physical gold held under gold ETF schemes twice a year
by Team Cafemutual Jan 9, 2011
SEBI frets at rating agency awards
SEBI wants mutual funds to evolve a common policy for ensuring arm’s length relationship with rating agencies
by Ravi Samalad Jan 7, 2011