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No major dole outs to distributors from load corpus
Expect no major surprises from AMCs for distributors after SEBI nod on free usage of exit load corpus for marketing expenses
by Ravi Samalad Mar 16, 2011
ELSS gets a lukewarm response
ELSS have not been able to generate adequate investor interest this year due to lackluster returns
by Ravi Samalad Mar 16, 2011
Goldman Sachs to retain Benchmark team
The 45 member team of Benchmark MF will join Goldman Sachs after its formal announcement of the buyout today
by Ravi Samalad Mar 15, 2011
Disclosing commission to investors impractical, say distributors
Disclosing commissions to investors is an operational nightmare for distributors catering to retail investors
by Ravi Samalad Mar 14, 2011
India rated B in Morningstar global investors experience survey
Strict disclosure norms, zero front loads, an array of schemes, a wide network of distributors, low entry amounts and widespread media coverage gets India a B rating in the second Morningstar Global Investor Experience study covering 22 countries
by Team Cafemutual Mar 10, 2011
SEBI seeks inputs from AMCs to attract foreign investors in equity schemes
Market watchdog SEBI had its ‘first level’ discussion with fund houses to tap foreign investors in Indian equity mutual funds
by Ravi Samalad Mar 9, 2011
Equity inflows improve further in February
The assets under management of the industry breaches Rs 7 lakh crore mark in February 2011
by Team Cafemutual Mar 8, 2011
SEBI relaxes norms on exit load reserve usage
AMCs will be allowed to fully utilize funds collected from exit loads after 31 July 2009 for marketing and paying commissions to distributors
by Ravi Samalad Mar 8, 2011
Stiff rules for wealth managers soon
Wealth managers would need to comply with stringent rules as RBI and SEBI come together to regulate the estimated $1-trillion wealth management industry
by Team Cafemutual Mar 6, 2011
Fund houses find solace in fixed maturity plans
As many as 93 FMPs have been launched by AMCs since January 2011 to cash in on the high yields from bank CDs as equity markets remain volatile
by Ravi Samalad Mar 6, 2011
Bank of India to buy 51 per cent stake in Bharti AXA MF
Bank of India which exited the mutual fund business in 2004 is set to re-enter the MF space by acquiring 51 per cent stake in Bharti AXA Investment Managers, reports Business Standard
by Team Cafemutual Mar 4, 2011
Nilesh Shah to join Axis Bank
Nilesh Shah is set to join Axis Bank
by Team Cafemutual Mar 3, 2011
AMFI revises self certification format for intermediaries
Distributors are required to send self-certification forms to RTAs
by Team Cafemutual Mar 3, 2011
Goldman Sachs in talks to buy Benhcmark MF
Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund buys out Benchmark Mutual Fund at Rs 120 crore to Rs 135 crore
by Team Cafemutual Mar 3, 2011
Global recovery on track, says fund managers
Fund Managers bullish for emerging markets in 2011; however western markets expected to lag on most measures
by Team Cafemutual Mar 2, 2011