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MF News

‘We will be a Rs.75 lakh crore industry in five years’
Continuing with our series ‘A quick view from the top’, we talk to Rajesh Patwardhan, Chief Marketing Officer, LIC Mutual Fund about his experiences and learnings.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 8, 2018
Despite market volatility, folio count continues to rise
The industry added over eight lakh folios in July.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 8, 2018
How to help the family of deceased client to receive investment proceeds
Follow these simple steps to transfer your deceased client’s mutual fund assets to their family.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 8, 2018
Equity gains and debt loses – July industry AUM recap
Equity funds other than equity ETFs recorded an inflow of Rs.10,872 crore while debt funds saw an outflow of Rs. 39,487 crore.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 7, 2018
IFAs manage 15% of the industry AUM
Of Rs.22.74 lakh crore, IFAs manage AUA of close to Rs.3.40 lakh crore as on June 2018.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 7, 2018
Bumper debut: HDFC AMC zooms 65% on listing
The share price of the fund house opened at Rs.1739, up 58% against the issue price of Rs.1100.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 6, 2018
Advisor speak: Why did we choose NSE NMF II?
Mumbai IFA Gajendra Kothari of Etica Wealth Management shares his experience of using NSE NMF II.
by NSE NMF II Feature Aug 6, 2018
Meet the fund with zero TER!
Boston-based fund house Fidelity has launched two funds with practically zero TER.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 6, 2018
Average ticket size of retail investors in equity funds was Rs.77,805
Overall, the average ticket size of equity funds across all categories was Rs.1.66 lakh as on June 2018.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 5, 2018
Direct plan investors overtake IFAs in equity gross sales
The MF industry has recorded gross sales of Rs.62,200 crore in equity funds through direct channel which is higher than gross sales of IFAs in equity funds.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 5, 2018
B30 assets accounts for 14% of the total industry AUM
Of the total assets of Rs.22.86 lakh crore, Rs.3.23 lakh crore is from B30 locations.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 3, 2018
An IFA who has gone from bankruptcy to wealthy and 21 secrets he learned along the way
Bengaluru IFA R Subramanya from Abundance in Life has penned down his experiences in a book titled ‘Awaken the Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Money Secrets’.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 3, 2018
Millennials prefer life insurance to mutual funds: finds Bank Bazaar study
While 71% millennials have life insurance policies, 56% have invested in mutual funds.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 3, 2018
Fixed income – what happened and what to expect?
A snapshot of key events in the month gone by and what to expect now
by Shreeta Rege Aug 2, 2018
Equity markets in July – what happened and what to expect?
A snapshot of key events in the month gone by and what to expect now.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 2, 2018