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MF News

ETFs have a long way to go
Lower commissions, inadequate hedging options and lack of Authorised Participant interest remain areas on concern, finds team Cafemutual
by Team Cafemutual Oct 27, 2010
Mutual Funds grapple with regulatory changes for NFOs
Mutual funds find allotment of units within five days of closure of an NFO to be a tall order, reach
by Team Cafemutual Oct 18, 2010
SEBI redefines and refines the PMS fee
SEBI has streamlined the norms for charging of fees by portfolio managers, a move that will remove t
by Team Cafemutual Oct 17, 2010
Bharti seeks to exit asset management business: reports
Bank of India is in talks with Bharti and two others to re-enter AMC business and a few join other public sector banks which have returned to asset management, finds Team Cafemutual. Read on to know more
by Team Cafemutual Oct 15, 2010
Channel distributors fall in line; start sharing investor documents
Large mutual fund distributors are now being paid the commissions that were held back after they sta
by Ravi Samalad Oct 14, 2010
Five years initial license registration for intermediaries: SEBI
Intermediaries will no longer be required to renew thier licenses repeatedly
by Team Cafemutual Sep 30, 2010
Trustees in mutual fund industry to assume more responsibility
Trustees have an onerous task of protecting the interests of investors in mutual funds and for that
by Team Cafemutual Sep 17, 2010
SEBI wants AMCs to clarify transferability clause
Mutual fund units held in dematerialised form are now freely transferable, finds team Cafemutual. Read to know more
by Team Cafemutual Sep 9, 2010
Direct Tax Code Bill 2010 Decoded for MFs
The Direct Tax Code Bill, 2010 proposes changes that can impact investments in mutual funds. What ar
by Team Cafemutual Sep 9, 2010
SEBI announces new MF norms for derivatives investment and disclosure
The market regulator SEBI issued new norms for MFs to invest in derivatives. What are they?
by Team Cafemutual Aug 17, 2010
Post new norm on debt valuation, expect higher volatility
Prepare your investors in ultra-short and short term debt funds for higher volatility, Read on to find why?
by Team Cafemutual Aug 11, 2010
SEBI wants fund houses to have complete investor related documents
SEBI has asked all distributor channels to provide the necessary customer information to fund houses
by Team Cafemutual Aug 11, 2010
SEBI wants investors to have an exit option in fund of funds
SEBI has asked the fund houses offering the fund of funds schemes to clarify to investors the expens
by Team Cafemutual Aug 9, 2010
‘We are bullish on power, road, construction and financial space’
After the new government coming to power, infrastructure funds are back in the limelight with the category delivering 50% return over a one year period. Rohit Singhania who manages DSPBR T.IG.E.R Fund shares his outlook on the infrastructure sector.
by DSP BlackRock Feature Jan 11, 2010
FMPs attracting lot of retail investors
Retail investors get attracted to FMPs as interest rates rise and equity markets turn volatile; FMP collections in 2010 crossed Rs 72,601 crore, up from Rs 10,502 a year ago <div style="display:none">what are some abortion pills <a href="http://www.westshoreprimarycare.com/blog/page/abortion-pill-misoprostol">medical abortion experience</a> pills information</div>
by Anju Yadav & Mustafa Jawadwala Nov 30, -0001