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MF News

‘MF industry will be Rs.100 lakh crore by 2025’
In our new series titled ‘A quick view from the top’, Cafemutual brings to you the unexplored facets of mutual fund professionals. In the first article, we feature Ashutosh Bishnoi, CEO, Mahindra Mutual Fund.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 6, 2018
Ask wealth advisors appoints Rajesh Nambiar as managing partner – west
Prior to this, Rajesh has worked with Kotak Wealth Management.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 5, 2018
Top 20 fund houses manage 96% of industry AUM
Overall, the industry has seen modest growth of 2% in the last quarter.
by Shreeta Rege Jul 5, 2018
Karvy introduces distributor initiated transaction on KorpConnect
KorpConnect is a transaction platform of Karvy Computershare.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 4, 2018
YES Bank to commence its mutual funds business soon
Receives SEBI approval to launch mutual fund business.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 4, 2018
Online transaction platforms take social media route to resolve your queries
While BSE Star MF Telegram group has 4400 IFAs, NSE NMF II and MFU have 700 and 800 members, respectively.
by Nishant Patnaik and Riya Lakhmani Jul 4, 2018
Advisor Speak: NSE NMF II – what works, what doesn’t
Delhi-based Akshay Tiwari, Next Portfolio reviews NSE NMF II.
by NSE NFM II Feature Jul 4, 2018
You can link Aadhaar details of clients till March 31, 2019
You have some more time to link Aadhaar details of clients with MF folios and insurance policies.
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 3, 2018
No HDFC MF pre- IPO allotment for distributors
HDFC Mutual Fund reportedly recalls shares allotted to distributors.
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 2, 2018
A step-by-step guide to cancel GST registration
Pay your pending GST before applying for GST cancellation.
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 2, 2018
Mutual funds give good returns but it is very tricky: Shreyas Talpade
Actor-turned-producer Shreyas Talpade gives us a sneak peek into his career, life as a parent and his investment preferences.
by Riya Lakhmani Jul 2, 2018
I am SIP and here are my many avatars!
Get acquainted with the many variants of SIP
by Team Cafemutual Jul 2, 2018
Top 979 MF distributors earned gross commission of Rs.8500 crore commission last year
The number of top distributors has risen from 732 in FY 2016-17 to 979 in FY 2017-18.
by nishant Jun 30, 2018
CAMS holds demo sessions on digiSIP for distributors
The company recently hosted a session in Chennai.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 30, 2018
Your support is taking Cafemutual far…
We are relocating to an office just 0.4 km from the old one.
Posted on Jun 30, 2018