Investor Success Stories

Peace of mind is the best gift you can give your clients
Financial advisor Dilip Shenoy helped a client reduce his loan burden by switching to home saver account.
by Kanika Bhargav Feb 9, 2018
How Steven Fernandez helped a client buy his first home
Did a client ever come to you just 13 years before retirement, saying he needs help with buying a house? Read on to find how Steven Fernandez of Proficient Planners, Mumbai, used smart cash flow management to help his client achieve his goals.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 30, 2018
How Vinod Jain’s financial coaching helped a tennis professional achieve her dreams
Read this interesting story on how Vinod Jain helped a widow and her daughter to be financially independent.
by Rosevina Gonsalves Dec 5, 2017
How Amar Pandit helped an NRI recover a major loan
Read this interesting case study on how Amar Pandit of Happyness Factory helped an NRI woman recover her deceased father’s money.
by Rosevina Gonsalves Nov 27, 2017