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Three movies to help you teach your clients children about money
Wondering how to introduce the concept of money to your clients’ kids? These movies will do the job for you.
by Daya Ragunathan Aug 29, 2017
Simplifying finance for client’s children
An advisor’s guide to introduce financial concepts to your client’s children.
by Daya Ragunathan Aug 25, 2017
When should you encourage clients to involve their kids in financial planning?
Find out the right time to involve Gen ‘Z’ clients in the financial planning and investment process.
by Rosevina Gonsalves Aug 19, 2017
Investment games for the tech savvy
These android-based investment games will help you attract the interest of young investors.
by Daya Ragunathan Aug 10, 2017
Five games you should gift your client’s children
Here are five board games you can gift your client’s children, the future investors, to shape their financial acumen.
by Daya Ragunathan Jul 11, 2017
Seven steps to bring financial responsibility in children
Despite all the information about money and personal finances now widely available, young people do not seem to have learned the basics about hard work, savings and investment. Read on to find out how advisors can fix this.
by Daya Ragunathan Jun 15, 2017
‘Give financial lessons now to get them as clients later’
Advisors feel that IFAs can get the second generation of existing clients by involving them in financial planning process.
by Daya R May 23, 2017
How to advise family of special needs child
Families of children with special needs have a different set of challenges that advisors need to understand when planning for their finances
by R Daya May 15, 2017
Equity exposure best for children’s education, say IFAs
Most IFAs prefer equity and balanced funds to plan for the higher education of their client’s children
by Daya Ragunathan Apr 27, 2017
Child plans: Top mistakes your clients make
Here are a few pitfalls you need to look out for and avert when you encourage your clients to invest for their kids.
by Daya R Mar 15, 2017
Child plans: Untapped opportunity for IFAs
A five-minute guide on how IFAs can benefit from planning for the future of their client’s children.
by Daya R Feb 7, 2017
Ways to educate client’s children about financial planning
Youth today are the biggest consumers. Most of them spend their pocket money on fashion or technology.
by Team Cafemutual Dec 28, 2016
Mutual funds gaining popularity as preferred investment avenue for children’s future
Popularity of mutual funds as the most preferred investment avenue for children’s future has grown to 27% in 2014 from 18% in 2013, shows a survey conducted by ING Vyasa Bank.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 18, 2016