News From Press Credit card is a friend in need. Don’t abuse it

Credit card is a friend in need. Don’t abuse it

Source: Mint Mar 21, 2017

The credit card can either be an easy and convenient money tool or the snake in your wallet, which could become the root of much of your money troubles. In situations where cash is difficult to be carried or used, a credit card offers the convenience of making payments and managing your cash situation. But to prevent it from doing harm to your financial situation, you need to exercise caution in the way you use and manage it.

Credit Card is a Convenience, Not a source of Income

Swiping the card for your purchases, without having to fork out cash immediately may give you the feeling that you can spend endlessly. But there is a credit card bill that will come to you at the end of the month, for which you have to find the funds to pay.

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