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Tarraki Corner A theater actor turned financial adviser

A theater actor turned financial adviser

Mukesh Chotani (former theater actor) and Kevin Michael (former hotel management professional) tell us what made them switch their career.
Darshita Shah Sep 17, 2016

Mukesh Chotani

As a theater actor, Mukesh Chotani has worked with the famous Bollywood actor Nana Patekar and many such film personalities. However, the glamour came with its flipside. As his income was not steady, he could barely make ends meet. However, destiny had other plans. A keen observer and investor of stock markets, his decisions and analysis often turned out to be rewarding and he made substantial profit on his investments in the market. Impressed with his investment skills, his colleagues motivated him to become an adviser. “My theatre colleagues told me that I am good at understanding the market and guiding people on investments and they motivated me to become a financial adviser,” recalls Mukesh.  

Heeding their advice, he started as an adviser by taking up UTI agency in 1994 and then began a long association with Kothari Pioneer (now Franklin Templeton) as a distributor of MF products. Slowly, his clientele grew and today he caters to 750 clients with AUA of Rs. 85 crore in mutual funds. He has offices in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

Kevin Michael

Kevin Michael completed his graduation in Hotel Management from IHM Bangalore and got his first assignment in the kitchen team of a hotel in Mumbai in 1996. A few years later, he became manager of a pub.

His brush with financial advisory was completely by chance.

A friend who was working with Max New York Life Insurance insisted that Kevin attend an agent training program in 2001. “Private life insurers had just started in India. Hence recruiting insurance agent was overriding priority for them,” recalls Kevin.

Kevin had no intention of becoming an insurance agent. He attended the program just so that his friend could achieve his target. Interestingly, he got fascinated with the concept of life insurance distribution and decided to take the plunge. “Max New York Life had the best training program. I liked the concept of life insurance distribution and decided to make it my full time profession,” he said.

He started as insurance adviser and gradually ventured into mutual funds, direct equity and real estate. Today, he caters to 800 clients and has AUA of Rs. 40 crore in mutual funds. 

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