Tarraki Corner

IFAs need to keep their clients happy, says Vinayak Sapre, a budding IFA
Vinayak Sapre, a former MF professional started as an IFA last year and has built an AUM of Rs 30 crore by simply keeping his clients happy.
by Ravi Samalad Aug 9, 2012
Innovation and spreading financial literacy have made DNS Wealth one of the top distributors in Orissa
The firm has more than 5000 investors and plans to focus on client retention rather than new client addition. Cafemutual finds out how the firm has managed to build such a large client base.
by Pallabika Jul 11, 2012
The ‘Jai-Veeru’ duo among IFAs
Best friends, Anindya Mandal and Sumanta Chakraborty, the founders of Ruby Financial Services talk to Pallabika Ganguly about their journey.
by Pallabika Jul 2, 2012
‘I will be successful when 50 of my IFAs own a car each’
Samiran Banerjee has been a friend and guide to a number of budding advisors from eastern India.
by Pallabika Jun 14, 2012
I am a trouble shooter, says CFP Malhar Majumder
If a client faces any financial issue, an advisor should be able to weather the crisis, says this Kolkata-based advisor.
by Pallabika Jun 10, 2012
The going got tough, but Abhenav Khettry got going
This young advisor has managed to build up Rs 168 crore in AUM and set up 3 branch offices across eastern India in just four years.
by Pallabika Jun 6, 2012
From computer hardware to ‘hawking’ financial health check-up
Subhabrata Ghosh, a more recent convert to the cause of financial planning, works with missionary zeal to promote the concept.
by Pallabika May 25, 2012
Here’s an IFA who has won against all odds
Pradip Chakrabarty, an established IFA from Patna, has come a long way from his difficult past by the sheer dint of hard work.
by Pallabika May 20, 2012
Client education is the key to success, says Sajal Roy
Sajal Roy from Anjali Investment ensures that his clients are in touch with the latest developments in the financial world.
by Pallabika May 7, 2012
This upcoming IFA is in love with the mutual fund industry!
Satya Bikash Bhuyan, an IFA from Guwahati, has managed to rope in 100 clients in 4 months. The low penetration of MFs in the north-east has turned out to be an advantage for him.
by Pallabika May 1, 2012
Know your customer, the business will follow
Shashi Verma has grown his business by targeting clients in a systematic manner and thoroughly understanding a customer’s needs.
by Pallabika Apr 23, 2012
From IT entrepreneur to ace financial advisor
Yogesh Sharma of YS Capital is among India’s top mutual fund advisors with assets under advisory at Rs. 250 crore. The turning point in his career was Deepak Parekh’s timely advice to focus on financial services.
by Ravi Samalad Apr 22, 2012
AUM of Rs. 50+ crore in just 3 months!
Bratati Bhattacharya, a 36-year old IFA, garnered Rs. 50+ crore AUM in just three months of her career as an IFA.
by Pallabika Apr 8, 2012
A focused model helps the Dhawans succeed in advisory business
Vishal only enrolls clients who give him at least Rs. 50 lakh of portfolio to manage. Today he and his wife cater to 200 families.
by Ravi Samalad Apr 4, 2012
A client-centric approach has worked wonders for Wealth Advisors
Winner of the UTI & CNBC TV18 Award for Best Financial Advisor (South Region), Pramod Kumar, President of Wealth Advisors, reveals its success secrets. Excerpts from the interview:
by Vibha Apr 1, 2012