Tarraki Corner

Advisors deserve the same respect as professionals like doctor or lawyers, says Prakash Praharaj
A veteran financial services professional, Prakash got his first client through the social networking website, Facebook.
by Nishant Patnaik May 14, 2013
Providing niche solutions has helped Hiten get a head start in advisory profession
In just three years after getting into stock broking, Hiten has unlocked value worth Rs 5 crore by dematting physical shares.
by Ravi Samalad May 6, 2013
At 26, Khyateey Dutt is an ‘Innovator in Finance’
Khyateey started her advisory business when she was just 21 and today manages over 350 clients.
by Ravi Samalad Apr 30, 2013
From provision store to financial planning!
A self-taught advisor, Nilesh spends Rs 2 lakh per year for learning and self-development by attending conferences in India and abroad.
by Nishant Patnaik Apr 24, 2013
My practice is very customer centric: Sujata Kabraji
by Ravi Samalad Apr 6, 2013
‘This is not a business but a profession for me’
Naveen Rego, a financial advisor from Mangalore started charging all his clients ever since the regulator abolished entry loads.
by Pallabika Feb 28, 2013
From manufacturers Deepali and Roopali turn advisors
At a time when the fund distribution is undergoing a host of regulatory changes, Roopali and Deepali are confident of finding their niche.
by Ravi Samalad Feb 14, 2013
The future of financial planning is online and on the phone, believes Ronak Hindocha
by Pallabika Jan 29, 2013
Rajesh gave up his Chartered Accountancy license to become a financial advisor
Rajesh Chheda of Finance Factory made a fresh beginning after being hit by Ketan Parekh scam in 1990s and today he is a renowned advisor in Goa and a 10 times MDRT qualifier.
by Ravi Samalad Jan 26, 2013
Helping women make smart investment decisions is her mission
Tejal Gandhi of Money Matters is a a banker turned financial advisor
by Ravi Samalad Jan 5, 2013
Now an ISO Certified Financial Advisor!
Rajesh Hattangady got his company ISO 9001: 2008 certified to ensure quality and customer focus and it seems to have paid off well.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 27, 2012
A financial advisor who has invested his own money to grow
Unlike most IFAs, Raman, a banker turned financial advisor, has invested his own money in his business.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 17, 2012
From a sub-broker to a financial advisor
B Jitu Dhabari believes in thoroughly researching prospects before visiting them because it improves his conversion sharply.
by Pallabika Aug 31, 2012
IFAs need to keep their clients happy, says Vinayak Sapre, a budding IFA
Vinayak Sapre, a former MF professional started as an IFA last year and has built an AUM of Rs 30 crore by simply keeping his clients happy.
by Ravi Samalad Aug 9, 2012
Innovation and spreading financial literacy have made DNS Wealth one of the top distributors in Orissa
The firm has more than 5000 investors and plans to focus on client retention rather than new client addition. Cafemutual finds out how the firm has managed to build such a large client base.
by Pallabika Jul 11, 2012