Tarraki Corner

'My part-time job became my full time business'
Vijay Maheshwari, one of the best known IFAs in Kolkata, is reputed for doing comprehensive needs assessment of his clients.
by Pallabika Feb 19, 2012
Sougata deployed SMS and SIPs as Weapons of Mass Success
Sougata Mitra’s talent in identifying ‘sneezers’ helped him grow his business.
by Pallabika Feb 9, 2012
Investor interest more important than high incentives: N. Vishwanath
Having been a part of the insurance industry from an early age of 19, N. Vishwanath chose a difficult path to grow by parting ways with LIC and moving to competitive products purely to serve client interests.
by Ravi Samalad Feb 3, 2012
Dad’s advice led to this success: Dilshad Billimoria
Heeding her dad’s advice of pursuing a career in finance, Bangalore-based Dilshad Billimoria has established herself as a prominent advisor in the south.
by Ravi Samalad Feb 1, 2012
Knowledge is king: Rajesh Koradia
He describes himself as an avid reader and follower of finance bigwigs. Inspired by their writings, Rajesh has taken some crucial decisions in life and business.
by Pallabika Jan 17, 2012
An advisor with a big heart
Innovative marketing peppered with a human touch helps Ritesh Sheth win over his clients, Ravi Samalad reports.
by Ravi Samalad Jan 16, 2012
Converting HNI prospects into clients in one call is his recipe of success
Vikas Tulsyan’s talent in persuading HNIs client to do business with him in one call has made him a successful IFA.
by Pallabika Jan 5, 2012
A dentist turns financial advisor
Prashant Popat, a former dentist turned IFA is on a mission to cure people’s financial health in Rajkot
by Ravi Samalad Jan 2, 2012
An IFA with a debt focus
An IFA with a debt focus
by Pallabika Jan 1, 2012
Meeting family’s need evolved into a profession
Meeting family’s need evolved into a profession
by Pallabika Dec 25, 2011
Proper education is a key to success in the advisory business
Rajaraman took the decision to become an IFA after the entry load was banned by SEBI as he was confident that he could be able to charges his clients for his services, Advisor Corner
by Pallabika Dec 20, 2011
Kartik Jhaveri wants to be the McDonalds of financial planning
Kartik is well known face in the financial planners community wants to put his rich experience in advising conglomerates to use in his venture by adopting a franchisee model of financial planning, Advisor Corner
by Ravi Samalad Dec 20, 2011
This CA turned advisor has charted his own destiny
Pramod Rungta, started his career as a CA but slowly got interested in advisory business and developed his client base through references, Advisor Corner
by Pallabika Dec 19, 2011
Theatre to Financial Advisory
Sujan Das, a Kolkata based successful financial advisor believes that dedication and hard work can create wonders in mutual fund industry, Advisor Corner
by Pallabika Dec 14, 2011
From a tax expert to an ace advisor
Ravi Samalad traces the meteoric rise of Pranav Muzumdar, Advisor Corner
by Ravi Samalad Dec 5, 2011