MF industry loses more than 7.29 lakh folios in FY11
Retail investors move to debt funds which see 7.35 lakh folio additions in FY11
by Ravi Samalad & Yogita Loke Apr 24, 2011
Is perpetual SIP the new trend?
Perpetual SIPs find favor among distributors
Posted on Apr 8, 2011
Micro SIPs in vogue?
Mutual funds are allowing SIPs with amounts as low as Rs. 50 in a bid to reach out to masses and shore up their assets under management
by Ravi Samalad Apr 8, 2011
Overseas funds see an improvement in performance
There has been a rush of international funds lately but due to a number of reasons, they are yet to catch investors fancy
by Ravi Samalad Mar 29, 2011
Global investing to increase over the next decade, reveals Franklin Templeton
Franklin Templeton Investments conducted a global survey that 50 % of the respondents plan to invest outside their home country in 2011<div style="display:none">what is medical abortion <a href="">abortion support</a> mifeprex abortion pill</div>
by Team Cafemutual Mar 28, 2011
Emerging markets growing faster than other countries, says Mark Mobius of Templeton
Mark Mobius of Templeton expects emerging markets to grow 5.9 per cent in 2011
by Team Cafemutual Mar 28, 2011
Marketing Child Plans is no child’s play for fund houses
Lackluster performance of child schemes by mutual funds and aggressive push from insurance child plans are responsible for the slow take off of schemes targeted at children by mutual fund houses
by Ravi Samalad Mar 27, 2011
New ARN registrations increase, so do the non-renewals
An analysis of ARN registration numbers reveals that there is an overall decline in registrations as the non-renewals exceed new registrations
by Ravi Samalad Mar 23, 2011
MFs rush to launch gold funds to catch retail investors
UTI MF is set to launch its UTI Master Gold Fund while Benchmark MF has filed an offer document to launch its gold fund of fund
by Ravi Samalad Mar 2, 2011
Most active funds fail to beat benchmarks
A study by S&P and CRISIL says majority of actively managed mutual fund schemes in India have underperformed their respective benchmarks; Tarun Bhatia of CRISIL says the under performance highlights the difficulty in picking consistently successful stocks<div style="display:none">what is medical abortion <a href="">abortion support</a> mifeprex abortion pill</div>
by Team Cafemutual Feb 22, 2011
KYC norms hit SIP inflows in January
New KYC norms seem to have slowed down SIP registrations. However, the industry is confident that this is just a short-term glitch
by Ravi Samalad Feb 10, 2011
Public sector MF assets fall sharply
Public sector MFs have a little over 20 per cent market share but they accounted for 72 per cent of the fall in the industry AUM in the nine months ended Dec 31, 2010
Posted on Feb 8, 2011
Inflows in debt schemes lift AUM
Investments in liquid schemes surged 83 per cent in January to Rs 1,62,437 crore; banks investments in MFs rise more than five times in first two weeks of January
Posted on Feb 8, 2011
Tight liquidity hits flow into MFs
Liquid schemes in December 2010 saw net outflows (of Rs 12,500 crore) for the first time in a year
by Anju Yadav Jan 20, 2011
Equity schemes see inflows in Dec
December saw reversal of trend in investments in equity schemes with net inflow of Rs 967 crore. This resulted in an increase in the AUM of equity schemes for the first time since June 2010
Posted on Jan 10, 2011